VIDEO: The Trio Gang - "Rolling in the Deep"


The Trio Gang are three young Maori women -  Ngakiri Kershaw, Renee Rangikataua and Mere Arihi Pipitakoko - who recently began uploading their renditions of cover songs to Facebook and YouTube. The three part harmonies, with just the accompaniment of one acoustic guitar, are striking and charming. I'm reminded that it doesn't take much for artists to shine.

Without the aid of autotune, tracking or editing, The Trio Gang give fantastic performances straight to their computer cameras - so far all beautifully original interpretations of familiar pop songs. In the one month since they posted it, their cover of Rolling in the Deep has racked up over 7,000 views. I came across it after two other artists shared videos by The Trio Gang on FaceBook. It's incredible how quickly a new musical discovery will travel on social media!

I'm certain the word will continue to spread like wild fire and we'll be seeing more to come from this corner of Lower Hutt, New Zealand. Follow The Trio Gang on FaceBook and YouTube to keep up with their latest work.

Watch: The Trio Gang - Rolling in the Deep: