Check Out This Guide to 2015 Pow Wow Season Events Happening Across Indian Country


It's pow wow season once again—here's your guide to 2015 Pow Wows happening across Turtle Island.

It's almost summertime and you know what that means: it's time to hit the pow wow trail and enjoy visiting, dancing, drumming, and celebrating your way across Indian Country.

Our friends over at Windspeaker have put together a poster-sized calendar of upcoming pow wows for you to choose from. And, of course, continues to hold it down with their real-time, and recently updated calendar of events. RezX Magazine is also getting in on the action, with their own digital 2015 Pow Wow Guide.

The largest pow wow on Turtle Island, Gathering of Nations, may have already happened—but the rest of Indian Country is just getting warmed up.

No matter where you live, there's sure to be a pow wow nearby, so get that regalia ready, throw some gas in the truck, and we'll see you out there. Hoka!

Check the calendar below for an event near you.

2015 POW WOW CALENDAR OF EVENTS (click the image below to enlarge)

2015 Pow Wow Events Calendar

Watch the 2015 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow Grand Entry

Download Boogey the Beat's Live DJ Set for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women


Winnipeg-based beatsmith and producer Boogey the Beat drops a new live DJ mix dedicated to helping raise awareness about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. RPM sat down with him to talk about the mix, music and addressing the issue head-on.

RPM: First off, thanks for the mix and for taking the time do this interview. For those that don't know your work, can you please introduce yourself and what nation you're from?

Boogey The Beat: I am an Anishinaabe DJ and music producer coming to you from Winnipeg, Canada. My family is originally from Berens River, Manitoba – Treaty 5 Territory!

What inspired you to make this mix specifically focusing on the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women? How have you been affected by the issue?

I was approached by a good friend of mine to put together some music for a fundraising event on the issue of MMIW in Canada. Since that gig I’ve been asked to do a couple of other events with the same set, so people are digging it, which is great. I come from a family of strong Indigenous women, so to see so many of our sisters go missing is an issue that needs to be addressed head-on. Anything I can do to help to create more awareness is a priority for me.

How did you choose the samples and tracks for the mix?

I went in to the studio with a pretty clear idea of which direction I wanted the mix to go in. I really wanted to incorporate traditional Indigenous music with some current Hip Hop and Trap music. It took me one night to create the whole piece, which is about 10 minutes long. It was definitely one of those things that took on a spirit of its own.

What can people expect to hear in the mix? Can you give us a breakdown of the tracks you included?

The introduction of the track starts with various samples taken from different news sources. The issue of MMIW in Canada has been all over the news lately, so it really gives people a sense of the situation before getting into the actual music portion. The next track burrows a sample from the track “Baby Girl” by SoloCree. I really wanted to keep the heart of that track so I didn’t add too much but some more drum samples into the mix.

Next I added a Mayer Hawthorne track featuring Kendrick Lamar called “Crime (Vice Remix)”, and thought it would be dope to give it an Indigenous flavor. At the time I was listening to this one track on YouTube called “The Best Powwow Song I Heard In A Long Time”, and the tempo was perfect to blend with the Kendrick track. It’s funny because the guy’s name is Daniel who sings that song, and I sat with him beside the drum a couple months before while he gave me a few singing pointers. The next track starts with a vocal sample from Tanya Tagaq explaining the basic concept of throat singing. I knew I wanted to incorporate more than just hand drum songs, and thought sampling some Inuit throat singing would be dope. The actual beat to follow uses a sample from throat singers Kathy Keknek and Janet Aglukkaq. The piece finishes off with my own take on the classic “Indian Car” by the legend Keith Secola. I wanted to give this track more of a party vibe, if that is at all possible.

Many Indigenous artists are using their work to bring attention to this issue, like Tanya Tagaq and isKwé through music, and the Walking With Our Sisters 'exhibition' of beaded moccasin vamps organized by Métis visual artist Christi Belcourt. What role do you think art and music can play in the struggle to end gender violence?

Art and music have the ability to bring people together, no matter what race or background you come from. I believe music is the language of the universe. As artists, I believe all of our talents are gifts from the Creator. It is our job to use these gifts for good, and to shed light on the many different issues we face not only as Indigenous people, but people all across the world.

Do you have any plans to perform it live? Can we expect an MMIW Benefit Concert any time soon?

Since the first time I performed this set, I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to perform it at a couple of upcoming events. The first is a concert and art auction called “Standing In Unity” in support of MMIW. It takes place on November 23 at The Graffiti Gallery in Winnipeg and features a great line-up of performers and artists. Tickets for this event can be purchased at and all proceeds go directly to the Coalition for Families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women of Manitoba. The next gig I got booked is for the annual Graffiti Art Programming and Art City fundraiser. It takes place on November 29 at The Goodwill here in Winnipeg.

What other Indigenous artists and musicians are inspiring you right now?

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a lot of extremely talented Indigenous artists and musicians along my journey as a DJ and producer. As of right now, I’ve been listening to a lot of Burnt-Project 1, Digging Roots, and A Tribe Called Red. I got to give a shout out to the people who gave me chance to showcase my music since the beginning: Wab Kinew, Young Kidd, CTL Records, Heatbag Records, and Dave Boulanger.

What are you working on next?

I’m currently finishing up my Education degree at the University of Manitoba, just recently became a new father, and launched my official website at, so I’ve been keeping busy. I’ve also been collaborating with Burnt-Project 1 to get a new project in the works. My main goal is to get as much music as I can out there, whether it be through beat production, DJ’ing, or just collaborating with different artists.


DOWNLOAD: Boogey the Beat's Live DJ Set for MMIW 

Watch the Live DJ Set:


For more of Boogey's music visit and follow him on Twitter and SoundCloud.


Northern Cree and Cree Confederation at the 2012 APCMAs


2012 APCMA nominated drummers Northern Cree and the Cree Confederation are slated for best duo or group of the year at this years awards show, coming up November 1-2nd, 2012.

Just deadly, these guys. Northern Cree have been rocking the powwow since 1982, keeping the fire going for generations of Indigenous peoples to come.

"More than 20 years of power and raw energy... taking traditional Aboriginal music to the next level..."

They've obviously been leaving them wanting more on the trail as can be seen on Twitter:



Cree Confederation has also been busy on the trail having been to many places across Turtle Island in 2012, including the Gathering of Nations.


Here's are two videos from the two groups, both shot in 2012. Here's wishing the best of luck to both groups at this year's APCMAs!


The Last New Millennium First People's Powwow


The Thunder in the Desert Powwow began in the year 2000, with a 12-year plan to celebrate and welcome the 21st century. Last week marked the last gathering in Tucson, Arizona.

In acknowledgement of the power of four, Thunder in the Desert was planned to take place four times, every four years, in 2000, 2004, 2008 and this year's finale.

From Indian Country Today's Sun Sets on New Millennium First Peoples’ World Fair and Pow Wow:

“Native Americans felt it important to commemorate this special time in history to celebrate our continued existence and to recommit to carry on our tradition of beauty and culture,” [organizer Fred] Synder said.

This pow wow was both special and traditional in that it provided time to renew thoughts of old ways while joining in dancing, singing, visiting, rekindling current friendships, and making new ones....  “Literally, this event is an all volunteer organization that dedicates three years into planning these ten days of presentations,” said Synder.

...the fun began with an Electric Pow Wow and a traditional Social Pow Wow featuring flute players and aboriginal dancers representing Aztec, Ecuadorian, and Tlingit cultures along with Zuni Buffalo and Eagle dancers and hoop dance performances — all of which lead up to late afternoon gourd dancing and an official Grand Entry begun as the sun began to sink in the West to end Day One...

As a closing comment, coordinator Carole Garcia thanked participants by noting: “It is an honor you have chosen to be with us at Thunder in the Desert and thank you for keeping our children dancing."

Here is a great short video that captured Coloradas Mangas, lead dancer:


And here are just a few of the many gorgeous photographs taken by Lightning Horse during all 10 days of this event. Head on over to the Thunder in the Desert on Facebook to feast your eyes on rest of the images. Maybe even feel a bit of that Tucson sun!

#PowwowWednesday: The Cabazon Indio Inter-Tribal Powwow 2012


This past weekend, the Cabazon Band of Mission Indians hosted the Cabazon Indio Powwow XXX in Indio, California. With 65 participating tribes, the annual event was packed with more than 450 dancers and 6,000 attendees.

We spotted the powwow on Indian Country Today and found this fantastic clip on YouTube of the MNX Crew providing an inter-tribal dance song:

Over on we came across a beautiful photo set of the powwow's grand entry. Here are a few of the vibrant moments caputured by photographer Crystal Chatham:

Check out all the photos at Cabazon Indio Powwow Grand Entry.

Indigenous Live Music Picks November 10-13


From powwow to electric powwow, this weekend is packed with Indigenous live music events from coast to coast. Here are RPM's picks for the weekend.

Benefit Concert  Thursday November 10 -  A benefit to establish a trust fund for 2 year old Kaiden Anderson who's father Eddie passed away last month. Wab Kinew, JJ Lavallee, D1, Da Skelpa Squad, Unity, Hellnback, Foreign Objekts, and The Mosquitoz will perform at The Pyramid Club in Winnipeg, MB. More info: Benefit Concert for Baby Kaiden Anderson.

Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts Festival (VIMAF) November 10-13 - The inaugural festival takes place at W2 in Vancouver, BC, with films, panel discussions and featured guest speaker Ernie Paniccioli.  DJ Deano performs, and RPM presents select music videos in Indigenous Music Culture Visions, on the 11th. Get the complete festival guide and schedule at and Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts Festival.


Janet Panic November 10 - Janet is the featured artist at this week's Poetry Slam at the Heritage Grill in New Westminster, BC. More info: SLAM CENTRAL Featuring BLYTHE JANET PANIC!. 

CerAmony November 10 - Indigenous rockers CerAmony take the stage at Théâtre Plaza in Montreal, QC. More info: CerAmony Live in Montreal.

Native Rhythms Festival November 11-13 - This 3 day celebration of Indigenous music, especially the Native American flute, takes place in Melbourne, FL, and features Arvel Bird, Robert Mirabal, Mark Holland and others. More information at:

FSIN "Spirit of Our Nations"  Powwow November 11-13 - The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations hosts this powwow at the Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon, SK. More info at and 2011 "Spirit of Our Nations" FSIN Cultural Celebration & Powwow.

Derek Miller November 11 - Derek performs at the American Indian Motion Picture Awards Ceremony in San Francisco, CA. More info:

Sierra Noble November 12 - Dedicating songs to the Daniel Pearl World Music Days, Sierra performs at Barbés, in Brooklyn, NY. More info: Sierra Noble band @ Barbés Brooklyn and

Electric Powwow November 12 - A Tribe Called Red is back in their hometown for the monthly electric powwow at Babylon in Ottawa, ON. This month features special guest Iskwé. More info: Electric Pow Wow.

RPM Podcast #010: "Electric Pow Wow"


Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island have been dancing and drumming for generations but, in the 21st century, that rhythmic spirit is finding new forms of creative expression. In our tenth episode, the powwow gets plugged in, mashed up and remixed.

Our host Ostwelve asks three emerging Indigenous artists about their use and creation of electronic music.

A Tribe Called Red - the Ottawa-based DJ collective of NDN (Nipissing First Nation), Bear Witness (Cayuga) and Shub (Cayuga) - describe what they're doing in the clubs as a cultural continuence from the powwow, and that the two are not that far apart after all.

Using small digital electronics, Cree electro-cellist Cris Derksen can make her cello sound like a bass, a drum, or even seagulls. Hear how she's creating a new palette for the usually classical instrument and how being a musician is like being a jeweler.

Nicholas Galanin, aka Indian Nick, a Tlingit/Aleut visual artist and musician from Stika Alaska, likens contemporary Indigenous electronic music to our history as strong adaptive communities and cultures, and finds the mixing of electronic with other forms of music comes naturally.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this revolution has been electrified.

DOWNLOAD: RPM Podcast #010: "Electric Pow Wow"

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The RPM podcast is produced & engineered by the amazing Paolo Pietropaolo.

Photo illustration created by the talented Joi Arcand.

Indigenous Live Music Picks: Oct.28-Nov.2, 2011


This week's top events dip into upcoming Aboriginal Music Week action. Yes, one of Turtle Island's busiest and best weeks for Indigenous music is upon us! Here are our picks for the weekend ahead.

RED Revue October 28 - This month's RED Revue, presented by ANDPVA, features folk-rock artist Nick Ferrio at The Smiling Buddha in Toronto, ON. More info: The RED Revue with Nick Ferrio.

Generations Rock for the Walk October 28 - Ryan McMahon, Will Belcourt, Red Three, Kasp, Anasaz and more will perform at the fundraising concert to support the “Walk for Nations” initiative. The event takes place at the Amiskwaciy Academy in Edmonton, AB. More info: Generations Rock for the Walk.

RC Sindacate and Will Belcourt October 29 - Celebrate Halloween with RC and Will at Fargos in Edmonton, AB. More info: RC SINDICATE and WILL BELCOURT Halloween Hellraiser Zombie Bash.

12th Annual Buffalo River Powwow October 29-30 - The Buffalo River Powwow takes place in Linden, TN. For more info, email:

Take the Fort! November 1 - John Arcand and Darren Lavallee will perform, as well as Slick & Lil' J and The Metis Club Traditional Dancers, at the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg, MB, as part of Aboriginal Music Week. More info: Take the Fort! presented by Grassroots News Presents: Hip Hop Night November 2 -  Winnipeg's Most, The Local Onlyz and Jr. JUST TV will perform at the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg, MB, as part of Aboriginal Music Week. More info: Hip Hop Night presented by Digital


#PowwowWednesday: Northern Cree at San Manuel Band of Mission Indians’ Powwow


Sure we're letting #PowwowWednesday take a break until the powwow trail gets busy again the new year, but we had to bring you this new video of Northern Cree knocking the moccasins off the crowd at the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians’ Powwow recently.

As Indian Country Today put it in Northern Cree Blow The Roof Off the San Manuel Pow Wow, "you can practically feel the place vibrating with energy, passion and excitement."

We feel it and know you will too.

Indigenous Live Music Picks: October 6-11, 2011


Blues, hip-hop, powwow, elctronic, indie, folk, performance art - we've got it all in this week's picks of Indigenous live music.

Winnipeg Hip-Hop Festival October 6-9 - Young Kidd, Skelpa Squad, Hellnback, Young Jibwe and more are in the line-up for these four nights of hip-hop in various venues across Winnipeg, MB.  More info:

Soirée Art-Culture Autochtone 12 October 6 - Chelsea Vowel performs her Cree-language songs at this month's Cercle des Premières Nations de l'UQAM at Café-bar l’Escalier, Montreal, QC. More info:

Stillwater Powwow October 7-9 - Mile Post 30 is host drum at Redding Rancheria's Stillwater Powwow in Redding, CA. More info:

Murray Porter CD Release Party October  7 - Blues artist Murray Porter celebrates the release of his new album Songs Lived & Life Played at The Yale, Vancouver, BC.

Cris Derksen and Christa Couture Mini-Tour October 7-11 - Singer-songwriter, and RPM's own, Christa Couture and electro-cellist Cris Derksen perform in Toronto, Peterborough, Ottawa and Montreal. Dates and venues:

Skeena Reece October 7 - As part of the Past is Prologue initiative, Skeena presents a "performative conversation"  on Western Front's history of feminist performance art, at the Western Front, Vancouver, BC. More info:

"Why All the Metal?" Indie/Electronic Festival October 8 - The Discotay's perform and present the one day festival which includes ShitOuttaLuck, No Cash Ninjas, Waytansea Point and a lot morein Shiprock, NM. More info:

Northern Lights Thanksgiving Powwow October 8-9 - Grand entry is at 12 noon at the Art Hauser Center, Prince Albert, SK. More info:

#PowwowWednesday: Closing Ceremony


At the end of the day at the powwow, before or at sunset, the closing prayer is given and the final song is played. And with the slowing of powwow season in these autumn days, #PowwowWednesday will take a break until the trail gets busy again in the spring. Hoka!

Take off your hats gentlemen and hear the Saturday closing song of the 9th annual Muckleshoot powwow from Northern Cree:

Indigenous Live Music Picks: Sep. 28-Oct. 2 2011


The Northern Navajo Fair hits its 100th year, A Tribe Called Two Toes tour makes its final stop, Aboriginal Music Week gives us a preview of this year's lineup and more in RPM's Indigenous live music picks for the weekend.

Norther Navajo Fair September 28 - October 9th - The 100th Annual festival begins this weekend. Intertribal-powwow, market, Yeiibechei ceremony, music, food - the works. Get the schedule at:

Benefit Concert for a First Nation Run Homeless Shelter in Winnipeg September 30 - The stacked line-up includes The Dusty Roads Band, Burnt Project 1, Da Skelpa Squad, Highway 373, Segweh, Contois Brothers, Foreign Objektz, Tracy Bone and JC Campbell, Ex Modern Teen, Hellnback of Rez Official & Guests, The Mosquitos, Shaka, Young Jibwe and Wab Kinew at The Pyramid Cabaret, Winnipeg, MB. More info:

A Tribe Called Two-Toes September 30 & October 1- The last two tour dates of Ryan McMahon/Clarence Two-Toes and A Tribe Called Red hit Toronto, ON, at The Orange Room, and The Edgewater in Kahnawake, QE. More info:

Derek Miller September 30 - Mohawk blues-rocker brings it to Lancaster House in Kingston, ON. More info:

Charlie Fettah & Tha Rupness Monsta September 30 -  Celebrating their newest release, Fettah and Monsta will also have Doom Squad, Young Desperado, LP & Tribe Starr and others on the bill at Brixx, Edmonton, AB.

Aboriginal Music Week's Songs & Square Dancing October 1 - See Ali Fontaine, Cassidy Mann, Kyla Cederwall and Darren Lavallee in this free preview of part of the AMW lineup coming in November. The Forks Market, Winnipeg, MB. More info:

Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre Powwow October 1 - The 5th Annual Powwow's sunrise ceremony starts at 6am but if you miss that, get there for grand entry at noon at Queens University in Kingston, ON. More info: