Watch Once a Tree's Debut "Howling" Video


Toronto-based duo Once a Tree premiere the video for their latest single, "Howling".

Saulteaux singer Jayli Wolf and husband/musical partner/producer Hayden John Wolf are onto something.

As the enigmatic duo Once a Tree, their lush EDM-inspired, bedroom-R&B/electronic pop compositions were catching fire on SoundCloud going back to early 2014, but now their page features just one song.

That single, however, is "Howling"—a massive dubstep-inflected dose of downtempo pop that has already amassed two hundred thousand plays.

This week, said single gets a similarly chic visual treatment, in the group's haunting, Jonathan Riera-directed debut video, which premiered over on Not a bad for a duo with only one 'official' song to their credit.

Although their sounds have been appearing and disappearing from the internet for a while now, "Howling" marks their proper arrival. Once a Tree is here to stay.

Watch: Once a Tree - "Howling"

Stream: Once a Tree, "Howling"


Download "Howling" on iTunes and stream it on Spotify.

DOWNLOAD: NWK & Gameboy - "Ghost Dance"


Here's a download of a powerful track Ghost Dance by Gitanmaax Nation musicians NWK & Gameboy of the Mob Bounce collective.

NWK & Gameboy are new musicians hitting the scene out of Vancouver B.C. with an electronic style of music mixed with a colour of traditional sounds and revolutionary words.

Here they share their track Ghost Dance which is a call out to colonial forces here on Turtle Island.

DOWNLOAD: NWK - "Ghost Dance"

Also check out Mob Bounce here: DOWNLOAD: Mob Bounce – “Mixed Blood” Mix Tape

RPM Podcast #010: "Electric Pow Wow"


Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island have been dancing and drumming for generations but, in the 21st century, that rhythmic spirit is finding new forms of creative expression. In our tenth episode, the powwow gets plugged in, mashed up and remixed.

Our host Ostwelve asks three emerging Indigenous artists about their use and creation of electronic music.

A Tribe Called Red - the Ottawa-based DJ collective of NDN (Nipissing First Nation), Bear Witness (Cayuga) and Shub (Cayuga) - describe what they're doing in the clubs as a cultural continuence from the powwow, and that the two are not that far apart after all.

Using small digital electronics, Cree electro-cellist Cris Derksen can make her cello sound like a bass, a drum, or even seagulls. Hear how she's creating a new palette for the usually classical instrument and how being a musician is like being a jeweler.

Nicholas Galanin, aka Indian Nick, a Tlingit/Aleut visual artist and musician from Stika Alaska, likens contemporary Indigenous electronic music to our history as strong adaptive communities and cultures, and finds the mixing of electronic with other forms of music comes naturally.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this revolution has been electrified.

DOWNLOAD: RPM Podcast #010: "Electric Pow Wow"

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The RPM podcast is produced & engineered by the amazing Paolo Pietropaolo.

Photo illustration created by the talented Joi Arcand.

STREAM: A Tribe Called Red - "PowWowzers"


New track by Ottawa Electric Powwow speaker-pounders A Tribe Called Red was released this week on SoundCloud entitled PowWowzers which features drum group Northern Cree and Ojibwe funny man Clarence Two Toes.

After reaching 60,000 hits on their Soundcloud page, A Tribe Called Red celebrated by releasing a new track that features world champion drum group Northern Cree and a sample of the super funny Clarence Two Toes, giving us another dance floor shaker to move to.

The trio have embarked on a Canada-wide tour with comedian Ryan McMahon this week and are set to hit up several cities and communities along the way. Their use of powwow samples and hard hitting dance rhythms have been doing them well, allowing them to perform at various festivals around the world and to gain recognition from top music blogs and producers.

This new style of dance music is geared to be booming through speakers for a long time, making sure that getting the crowd moving remains the foundation of this group’s success and letting us know that Indigenous music is on the rise in more areas than just country and rap. Their live shows are something of legend and are true to the reputation of getting people out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

RPM had the opportunity to present a performance with A Tribe Called Red and Ryan McMahon here in Vancouver, BC. Be on the lookout for a breakdown of the show and also an exclusive interview with the new Chiefs of the Electric Powwow!

STREAM: A Tribe Called Red - "PowWowzers" PowWowzers feat. Northern Cree and Clarence Two Toes by A Tribe Called Red

VIDEO: A Tribe Called Red - "NDNs From All Directions"


The meteoric innovators of electronic-powwow music A Tribe Called Red let loose another video dedicated to "NDNs From All Directions".

The trio consisting of DJ Shub, DJ Bear Witness and DJ NDN have made huge strides in the music world gaining recognition from websites, magazines and even MTV with their technological, futuristic style of what they call "Electric Powwow" music. They were recently featured on a CBC documentary about Ottawa's Indigenous music scene - a scene in which they play a huge part in upholding. Now they unleash their latest music video NDNs From All Directions.

NDNs From All Directions from Bear Witness on Vimeo.

Also check out Red Skin Girl.

DOWNLOAD: Mob Bounce - "Mixed Blood" Mix Tape


Here at RPM we are pleased to offer a mix tape download for the first time. It is also the first project to come from “Alter-Native” Mob Bounce - the duo of Gitxsan artist Craig Frank Edes aka. Craigy Craig and Cree/Métis Travis Hebert aka. Heebz the Earthchild. Friends since childhood, the two created the Mixed Blood Mixtape as a musical journey through their younger years together with hip hop, dubstep, drum & bass, digital cumbia and traditional drum. Enjoy.

  1. I'mma Dog
  2. Traditional
  3. Bounce
  4. Put 'em Up
  5. Flexin'
  6. WhitePanty
  7. Mary and Jane
  8. Latchkey

DOWNLOAD: Mob Bounce - "Mixed Blood" Mix Tape