DOWNLOAD: Nadjiwan - "Broken Treaty Blues"


We never know what Ojibwe/Finnish Marc Meriläinen's going to come up with next - the eclectic multi-instrumentalist has multiple projects that span electronic, atmospheric and rock. His latest single comes via Nadjiwan and we're stoked that "Broken Treaty Blues" is one to turn up, way up.

Written and recorded in one day in Meriläinen's own studio, he also performed all the instruments. A busy schedule has kept him from releasing more Nadjiwan material lately, but with the project's 20th anniversary coming up in 2015, this Nish Rock track is enough to keep us all in the loop and ready for more!

Hit play, download, listen up and sing along.

DOWNLOAD: Nadjiwan - "Broken Treaty Blues"

DOWNLOAD: Don Amero - "All I Need This Christmas"


With Don Amero's 4th annual "Amero Little Christmas" less than two weeks away, he's already spreading some seasonal cheer with this new love song.

If you're looking to get into the season, download the track below and get toe tappin' while stringing up the lights. And if you're near Winnipeg this December 21st, you can really celebrate the best of the season with Don, Desiree Dorian and others for "Amero Little Christmas" at the West End Cultural Centre.

DOWNLOAD: Don Amero - "All I Need This Christmas"

DOWNLOAD: Plex - "Chasin'"


We have an exclusive new download of Plex's track Chasin' from his upcoming album Demons.

Plex is an award-winning Canadian hip-hop veteran based out of Toronto but originating from Edmonton's north end. Known first for his role in the rap collective Won 18, Plex has since surged out on his own solo ventures, receiving critical acclaim and awards on his journey.

Soon to be releasing his newest project entitled Demons, Plex shared with us this preview of one of the new tracks, Chasin', which focuses on the societal ailment facing the music industry's materialistic conscience.

This is another deadly banger by Plex, and will sure to be gracing your playlists this summer. Boom.

DOWNLOAD: Plex - "Chasin'"

Keep an eye on RPM for more info on Demons, and visit

DOWNLOAD: Kait Angus - "Animals"


Cree/Mohawk singer-songwriter Kait Angus has released a brand new song and we like it.

From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Angus is now splits her time between Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California.  She's working on a full-length album, but sent word via Twitter that she's sharing a new track - Animals - for us to enjoy in the meantime.

Download "Animals" for free on ReverbNation: Kait Angus - "Animals"

DOWNLOAD: Beaatz - "Never Lookin Back"


Here's a download from Tobique First Nation MC/producer Beaatz from New Brunswick, Canada. Beaatz is a new artist coming out with amazing tracks at a highly prolific rate. Producing his own music out of his home, he has been hitting the radar of many people across the country and working with more and more artists as he goes. This new track is a great homage to the real hip-hop sound and shows his skills as both an MC and producer. Be sure to get this into your playlists. DOWNLOAD: Beaatz - "Never Lookin Back"

DOWNLOAD: Leela Gilday - "Piece of My Life"


Leela Gilday’s powerful and soulful voice is a force to contend with. It’s downright breathtaking. As a songwriter she draws from her northern roots, reflecting the essence of Dene life from an urban perspective. She’ll move you to dance in one song and break your heart strings in the next, managing to balance freedom and joy with sorrow and injustice in her lyrics. Piece of My Life, comes from her latest release, Juno-nominated Calling All Warriors. DOWNLOAD: Leela Gilday - "Piece of My Life"

New Ab-Originals Podcast: The Women of Ab-Originals


This week's Ab-Originals on CBC Radio3 is all about the ladies. They may all be women making music in Indian Country, but the genres represented here are diverse. Episode #62 is hosted by Miss Melissa and brings you 43 minutes of Indigenous music featuring:

  • Veronica Johnny (Roots/Folk)
  • Asani (Roots/Folk)
  • Tamara Podemski (Pop Singer-Songwriter)
  • Stephanie Harpe (Blues)
  • Tracy Bone (Country)
  • Yvonne St. Germaine (Country)
  • Diyet (Rock/Pop)
  • Cindy Paul (Roots/Folk)
  • Lucie Idlout (Rock)
  • Cris Derksen (Instrumental - and nominated today for a WCMA!)

Download or stream it now at CBC Radio3.


DOWNLOAD: Phyllis Sinclair - "Finding Ontario"


Great songwriting often comes from great experiences and Phyllis Sinclair has been on a remarkable journey. From the northern seaport town of Churchfill to Winnipeg’s inner city, Phyllis was raised by her Cree mother and grandmother - short on wealth but rich in love and laughter. Phyllis’s writing shares her story and her culture with beauty, compassion and conviction. Finding Ontario is from her brand new album Dreams of the Washerwomen. DOWNLOAD: Phyllis Sinclair - "Finding Ontario"

DOWNLOAD: Don Amero - "Life's Been Pretty Sweet"


Life’s Been Pretty Sweet is itself a sweet moment from Métis artist Don Amero’s newest record The Long Way Home. As the first track it’s an apt opening -  the slide and dobro hinting to the influx of country/pop that Amero’s roots/folk sound displays on this album. Regardless of the vibe, Amero delivers every song with a heartfelt honesty that makes his music so gosh darn likeable. Here, with beautiful harmonies and delightful musical details, it’s even something to love.  DOWNLOAD: Don Amero - "Life's Been Pretty Sweet"

DOWNLOAD: Chief Stockton - "Sing That Ish"


Sioux producer and artist Chief Stockton is in the thick of his culture and community - from his first hip hop group GPD, to the duo that launched his career Black N Mild, these days he runs oursecretsociety and dopenativeboy. He's studied criminal law and Native history and after taking a break from music, has recently returned to writing, recording and releasing his own tracks. We’re glad for it. His production is polished, his work political, thoughtful and articulate - putting his own lyric “stand up for what you believe in, not what they want you to believe in” to practice.

DOWNLOAD: Chief Stockton - "Sing That Ish"