After Indigenous Afterdark: RPM's One Year

Secret headliners, multi-disciplinary traditional contemporary media arts mashups, Native models, directors, producers, actors comedians, and some serious bass music; VIMAF, Skookum Sound System and RPM's one year celebration boasted all of this and more. Check out the recap.

Indigenous Afterdark: Around the Sun turned out to be an excellent celebration of Indigenous media arts and music culture on the West Coast. Starting off the evening was the RPM Indigenous Music Video Program, hosted by RPM's own Ostwelve, which showcased some of the year's latest releases from artists like Joey Stylez to Ill Citizens, Hellnback to World Hood. Peep the playlist below.

What ensued after the music video program can be described as an eccentric evening of energizing entertainment. Beginning with West Coast homies Mob Bounce who laid down a warm welcome to the audience in the form of a tight hip-hop set, the lineup rolled on to favorites Skookum Sound System, blending new school and golden styles, and ended with DJ Krisp up on the decks with the boys from A Tribe Called Red being tagged out by DJ Annashay to cap it all off.

DJ Krisp and Shub from ATCR got into it a bit on stage, wowing the crowd with a friendly battle, and Amphibian 14 aka Bracken Hanuse Corlett was stunning the audience with the completely immersive visual experience both inside the venue on on the walls facing into the street. De Nort, the ITWE Collective's interactive new media installation, lent another layer to the evening, with guests wearing the headphones provided at the touch screen to leave the party for a brief moment to be taken to God's Lake Narrows. Numerous artists, producers, directors and various other forms of Native (and non-Native) talent in the house made the evening one to remember. Until next year. Boom.


Indigenous Afterdark: Around the Sun - One Year Celebration


It's hard to believe that it's already been a year since we launched RPM - and we've got nothing but love for everyone who has supported us and helped us grow. Now it's time to celebrate!

This month marks our first full revolution around the sun here at RPM, and all of our fans—and the incredible Indigenous artists across Turtle Island (and beyond!)—have been keeping us moving and inspired since day one. In anticipation of our anniversary (for the record, an anniversary is a colonial thing), we've teamed up with the 2012 Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts Festival to bring you Indigenous Afterdark: Around the Sun!

Indigenous Afterdark: Around the Sun also marks the one year celebration of Westcoast Indian Country faves Skookum Sound System, who are on the evening's entertainment bill alongside 2008 Vancouver DMC Champion DJ Krisp, Mob Bounce, and DJ Annashay, plus some very special, surprise guests that we're extremely happy to have out! Come and celebrate with us!

Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories is playing host to amazing Indigenous talent, and we're proud to be a partner in delivering this next level programming with the VIMAFIA.

The RPM/Skookum One Year Celebration will be held Saturday, November 10th at the VIMAF Festival Lounge and Cinema (W2 Media Cafe) at 111 West Hastings Street in Vancouver. Doors open at 9pm for VIMAF's Indigenous Music Video Program, presented by RPM. For more information on their program of events, please visit


The Skookum Sound System and One Year Celebration Saturday, November 10, 2012 Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories FEATURING: Skookum Sound | DJ Krisp | Mob Bounce | DJ Annashay  | ++Very Special Surprise Guests

Hosted by RPM's very own Ostwelve.

Doors @ 9pm. Tickets for Indigenous Afterdark can be found online here:


Also, when you buy a VIMAF Festival Pass ($49 early bird, $59 advance, $69 at door) you receive:

Opening Gala tickets 6 additional Features Program screening events 1 VIMAF Conference Pass 1 Ticket to A Tribe Called Red at Fortune Sound Club 1 Ticket to Indigenous Afterdark: Around the Sun 20% off all VIMAF Festival merchandise Total Value: $135+

Available here:

See you there!

A Tribe Called Red: Fall Tour Dates 2012


What does A Tribe Called Red do after rocking a solid tour across Europe? They kick ass on another solid tour across North America. Check out their North American tour dates and peeps the latest video from the boys.

Don't miss A Tribe Called Red in one of these cities during the next month. We're glued to our computers because we've heard from a little birdie that they're going to be releasing new tracks and mixes that they recorded while they were across the pond - stay tuned to their tweets for that.



Nov 2nd – Winnipeg @ Aboriginal Music Week (buy tickets)

Nov 3rd – Regina @ The Exchange (buy tickets)

Nov 4th - Saskatoon @ Amigos Cantina (tickets at the door)

Nov 7th - Edmonton @ Temple (buy tickets)

Nov 8th - Calgary @ Hi-Fi Club (buy tickets)

Nov 9th - Vancouver @ Fortune Sound Club (buy tickets)

Nov 11th - Victoria @ Sugar Nightclub

Nov 17th - Brooklyn @ Glasslands (buy tickets)

Nov 19th - Philadelphia @ Fluid Nightclubs Mad Decent Mondays

Nov 22nd - Washington @ U-Hall

DOWNLOAD: Michael Archibald - "Together We Stand"


Here's another downloadable track from Mushkegowuk Cree rocker Michael Archibald for this week's #RPMDownload.

With winter approaching Turtle Islanders from all angles, this song is a fairly obvious reminder that it's always been about togetherness getting peoples through the cold, hard and lonely times, even though it's about patience and romance. This rocking track is an easy listen, and one that'll be playing during some cold nights as the season changes. Cozy up with it.

DOWNLOAD: "Together We Stand" - Michael Archibald

VIDEO: The Requiremento of 2012 - Native Youth Speak Out for Indigenous Peoples Day


In honor of Indigenous Peoples' Day 2012, these Dartmouth University students had a message to share to mark the "discovery of Christopher Columbus."

Savage Media, the collective behind the short video published on Oct 7th of this year, is comprised of a group of students attending Dartmouth University. Inspired by sketch comedy collective The 1491s during a visit earlier this year to their school, these students are currently running a fundraising campaign to get their vision realized.

As Colorlines noted, in this inspiring clip, "Native students from Dartmouth College respond to The Spanish Requirement of 1513—in which Spain declared that it was ordained by God to take possession of what is known today as the Americas—with their own 'Requiremento of 2012'.”

We love seeing our young people stand up and represent themselves on our own terms—and for reminding us to celebrate that we are, indeed, still here...and still "savage and alive"!

For more information on their campaign, check them out on Facebook: RealSavageMedia.

For now, we here at RPM hope that everyone on Turtle Island has had an enjoyable, energizing, and family-filled long weekend, and the opportunity to think about what this holiday represents.

Northern Cree and Cree Confederation at the 2012 APCMAs


2012 APCMA nominated drummers Northern Cree and the Cree Confederation are slated for best duo or group of the year at this years awards show, coming up November 1-2nd, 2012.

Just deadly, these guys. Northern Cree have been rocking the powwow since 1982, keeping the fire going for generations of Indigenous peoples to come.

"More than 20 years of power and raw energy... taking traditional Aboriginal music to the next level..."

They've obviously been leaving them wanting more on the trail as can be seen on Twitter:



Cree Confederation has also been busy on the trail having been to many places across Turtle Island in 2012, including the Gathering of Nations.


Here's are two videos from the two groups, both shot in 2012. Here's wishing the best of luck to both groups at this year's APCMAs!


DOWNLOAD: Ill Citizens ft. Darkside - "Sweet Dreams"


We have another hip-hop track for this week's #RPMDownload Tuesday from Ill Citizens featuring Darkside.

These Winnipeg, Manitoba, Natives Ill Citizens remixed a track from well-known Shock Rocker Marilyn Manson, overlaying it with their flowing lyrics and Indigenized touch.

Keep an eye out for these up and comers as they release more singles in the future.

DOWNLOAD: Ill Citizens ft. Darkside - "Sweet Dreams"

DOWNLOAD: NiiKO - "Hit Me With The Lights"


We have a fresh new single from 20-year-old R&B/Soul/Pop Singer-Songwriter, NiiKO, formerly known as Lil' Pappie.

NiiKO, the young prodigy formerly known as Lil Pappie, has been busy creating tracks under his new moniker since July of this year. This tune demonstrates NiiKO's ability to produce seamlessly tight numbers without the support of a management team or label backing. One might think to themselves, Why aren't we picking this artist up?

Definitely an up and comer to keep an eye on. We're happy to share his latest tune with you.

DOWNLOAD: NiiKO - "Hit Me With The Lights"

DOWNLOAD: A Tribe Called Red ft. Boogat - "Morire Otra Dia"


A solid Trap-inspired co-lab between Ottawa favourites A Tribe Called Red and Montreal-based producer Boogat.

This week's #RPMDownload Tuesday features a recently released collaboration between Ottawa-based producers A Tribe Called Red and Montreal-based vocalist/writer/producer Boogat. This track is already a couple weeks old and you may have already seen it floating around the interwebs, but we couldn't pass up a chance to share it with you.

From Boogat's website, "A few weeks back, my friends from A Tribe Called Red sent me an awesome Trap-inspired beat and we teamed up for this great collabo: Morire Otro Dia.The song is about the daily doubts of human beings and the fact that we just need to keep it going, day after day."

Translated, 'Morire Otro Dia' becomes 'Die Another Day.'

Don't forget to catch A Tribe Called Red with Zuzuka Poderosa and Kush Arora on November 2 during Aboriginal Music Week in Winnipeg, MB.


DOWNLOAD: A Tribe Called Red ft. Boogat - "Morire Otra Dia"

VIDEO: Maisey Rika - "Tangaroa Whakamautai"


Maori Soul Singer Songwriter Maisey Rika recently released a video for her song Tangaroa Whakamauti, written and performed in her traditional language.

Tangaroa Whakamauti is a beautiful song that roughly translates into a ballad for the Maori god of the sea, Tangaroa. Sung in her traditional language, this song from the Aotearoa native is a powerful tribute to her culture's history, language, and presence in contemporary music.

Rika's award-winning stage presence and songwriting speaks for itself; this manifestation of a cultural revitalization is awe-inspiring and gorgeous on the eyes. Read the lyrics and the translation, done by Rika herself. Directed by Shae Sterling.


OKA Talks Touring with RPM


Australia's OKA is no stranger to the Canadian West Coast summer music scene. They've toured Canada several times over, traveling as far as Evolve Music Festival and Folk on the Rocks. I had a few questions for the boys and Zappa gladly accepted the opportunity to answer.

EB: Of Evolve, Shambhala, and Folk on the Rocks, which outdoor music festival have you enjoyed the most and why?

Z: Oh man. That is too hard. I thought these interviews usually start with an easy question? We love the crazy uniqueness of Shambhala, the awesome vibe of Evolve but I must say from last year my personal favorite was Folk on the Rocks. There was something magical about being so far north. Oh yeah... and I also partied extra hard. Ha.

EB: You're from The Land of Milk and Honey; Folk On The Rocks happens in the Land of the Midnight Sun, what was your experience of Yellowknife like?

Z: It really surprised us. We had no idea what to expect. All we heard about in the lead up to the festival was the famous enormous mosquitoes. I don't know what happened – but hardly any were around. You can tell the festival really lights up the town. Our shows were so much fun and we met some awesome people. The sun not really going down was also a trip out too. My favorite time of the day is twilight. I call it the 'goo'. When we were there the goo lasted ALL night. Super stoked.

EB: I saw you guys play at Shambhala Music Festival outside of Nelson, BC, last year. I had a really good time. Although Nelson is in the Kootenays, I'm curious of your experiences of the West Coast of Canada - the fans, the people, the scenery - what's your take?

Z: There's no doubt the West Coast of Canada holds truly some of the most staggering and beautiful landscape we've ever seen. As a touring band you quickly get sick of the 4-6 hour drives between every gig. For us some of the most incredible journeys have taken place through the Kootenays and beyond. I still remember my first ride on the Jasper Highway to Robson Valley Music Festival. Every turn we were met with mind-blowing mountain ranges and such pristine glaciers. Makes traveling easy. The people we meet? Well lets just say they are better than the scenery.

EB: From what I can tell, you're all posted up on Australia's Sunshine Coast in the off season. Have you ever been to British Columbia's Sunshine Coast?

Z: No we haven't! But that's a question everyone asks us. I think maybe we're afraid of it. Afraid that we may discover another land that we'll want to live in. Ha. We'll get there one day for sure.

EB: For Zappa - how is your collection of small things coming along?

Z: HA HA classic! Coming along quite nicely. I think my last 'mini' gift was a legit uber small Swiss Army knife.

EB: For Didgeristu - is your collection of hotel cards growing since you were up North?

Didgeristu: Endless... its getting out of hand now. I should open my own hotel.

EB: Electric Didge... please explain.

D: Its basically awesome.... and simple. Essentially a length of PVC pipe, with a microphone on the end hooked up to a space echo, amplified, then out of the speaker the earthy sound goes! That's the easy bit. The hardest part is getting the sound. Stu has been playing his whole life. Takes a long time to develop didge technique.

EB: For Chris Lane - how are these guys to travel with?

CL: Mmmm... ummmm. No comment. Ha Ha. We've been doing it for 4 years straight and we still hang out. That's saying something isn't it?

RPM: What does the funk mean to you?

Z: The funk is that thing in the music that makes you feel invincible. Like you're a professional dancer with really really impressive moves. For men, it makes you want to walk right up to 'that girl' and boogie on down. For girls, it gives you all the confidence to tell 'that guy' to go away cause you're dancing up a storm. It's a smile. Is what James Brown lived and breathed. It's Yum.

RPM: Are you fans of Vegimite? Some locals want to know if you miss it when you're on tour.

Z: Yeah we're fans. The trick is not to use too much. I wouldn't say we miss it, because we gain so much in Canada. Example – MAPLE SYRUP. That stuff is elixir from heaven.

EB: What was your favorite parts of touring En Zid?

Z: Secretly I think a big part of Australia and New Zealand's rivalry is because deep down Australia knows NZ is awesome. Ha. It's SO beautiful. Kind of like a different version of BC. The music there is amazing. Fat Freddy's Drop spearheads the army of quality bands. For me, this trip was one of the WORST ever. I'd just come from the relaxing coconut filled island of Samoa and ingested food poisoning at Auckland Airport. I had the most painful 30 hrs of my life – with a 1 ½ hour gig right in the middle. I couldn't set up my drums. The boys did for me. Someone drove me to the stage, I staggered on, then played through the set. Hardest gig ever! I know next trip will be better.

EB: When can we expect a new Oka album?

Z: 2013 is another album year for OKA. We've been writing on the road and have a host of new tunes being tested at our shows. Can't wait to release them. DidgeriStu is an absolute machine when it comes to writing the beds. We'll have a show then go back to the hotel, Chris and I will wake up in the morning and Stu's like... “Check this out” - he's just happened to write a whole track while we were sleeping.

EB: Would you rather - a 3 album deal with a multinational record label and touring stadiums, or busking and outdoor festivals. For ever.

OKA: As much as we love what we do, we'd prolly take the deal (but still busk and do outdoor festivals every now and then).

EB: Would you rather - travel by horseback across North America, or travel on the backs of eagles to Narnia, but you couldn't come back. You each get to bring one other person to Narnia.

Z: Seriously... how could you say NO to eagles. I would happily fly away with my significant other. Stu has a family, so he wouldn't budge without them. Chris would have to be promised the beach and a surfboard.

EB: When did the idea to bridge Aboriginal and Pop Cultures through music and instrument selection happen, and when did it stick?

Z: It was never planned. Our music rarely is. It's all about the 3 of us bringing our flavor, energy, vibe and skills to the table. Stu is like a friendly bear. His presence is felt and respected. Technically he is one of the best Indigenous Didgeridoo players in Australia and he holds such a grounding role in the band. His culture shines through the music because it shines through him. He's a joker too – and I feel like it shows in his playing and energy on stage. Chris is the wanderer – so talented and versatile on sax, array of flutes, whistles, harmonica and guitar. He'll rarely play the same thing which is an awesome gift and big reason why our music is a journey. Like the surfer he is Chris just weaves through and over the wave of groove Stu and I lay down. Also a joker – Stu and I spend a lot of time laughing at what he thinks is normal. I was the latest to join the band and really found I could express my musicality and spirit within the music. Drums are my life – and in OKA I play what ever I feel like, Polynesian style, funk, hip hop, disco, latin, afro, jazz and more. The three of us just clicked. We've still never had a rehearsal. We leave it all to stage. We have loads of fun. Thanks so much!

Chris Bose Talks Voices of the Valley Nkemcin


Now into its third year, Voices of the Valley Nkemcin kicks off tomorrow, and Chris Bose took some time to talk about the festival with RPM. Featuring musical acts like Blackout Artists, Niska Napoleon, Sister Says, Skookum Soundsystem, and more, combined with traditional and contemporary Indigenous art, this Saturday in Nkemcin promises to be a good time.

RPM: How long has the festival been around?

CB: This is our 3rd year, it got started as part of the 100 anniversary of the Laurier Memorial, a declaration signed by the Chiefs in the Southern Interior and sent to Wilfred Laurier in 1910. I did some memorial poster updates and read that thing about 20 times, sadly, not much has changed.

RPM: Where did the idea for the festival come from?

CB: It grew out of the original celebration in 2010 and my chief of Cooksferry Indian Band, David Walkem asked me if I knew some musicians and artists and would be able to help get something started and organized annually at the location. I said sure and we've been working on it ever since. As it is in the valley, and right where the Nicola river and the Thompson river meet, it's a special place, it's got energy, and it's a beautiful facility and I'm very honoured to be able to help get this festival off the ground. We've got plans for next year and already 2 bands booked. I would like to make it 2 days next year, start on Friday and go Saturday. the Cooksferry Band are sponsoring this event and they've been awesome to work with, it's going seamless and they've been really accommodating.

RPM: Can you please tell us a little bit about the style of tattooing happening at the festival?

CB: That's Dion Kaszas, he's Nlaka'pamux, been studying basketry patterns, and tattoos of our people from wwwwaaaay back in THA day! Our people used to have a lot of tattoos, facial stuff, signifying land, status and other cultural things. He'll be doing traditional style hand poke tattoos, no machines. Unless things change.

RPM: You mention contemporary and traditional Native art on the web poster - what can we expect to see?

CB: That depends on who shows up? There's been a lot of interest from artists, it takes time to develop and grow a festival, and word to get around. I know I'll have some of mixed media art there for sale, prints, cards, posters, and there'll be cd's for sale of pow wow and hand drum stuff. I'm hoping to get some traditional artisans there, beading, basketry, buckskin, and foods. We'll have to wait and see. Next year I'd like to have a poetry slam, a film festival and more!!!

RPM: Are there any particular highlights people going should be looking out for?

CB: A beautiful weekend at Nkemcin, great music, free camping, arts, crafts, food, and a good time in high desert country. We got a great PA and light system, so Skookum Soundsystem should kick it and everyone else will have a good time. There's also an open mic from 5 - 7, so it should be fun and interesting!