DOWNLOAD: Angel Haze's New Mixtape, "Back to the Woods", is Next Level Amazing


No more waiting. The new Angel Haze project, Back to the Woods, is here.

Get it for free. Until midnight. Right now.

This "accidental masterpiece" is already blowing our minds. Angel Haze is elevating their game to a stratospheric level.

Following a string of increasingly dope releases, from Reservation and Classick to Haze's killer debut studio album, Dirty Gold, in 2013, Back to the Woods arrives at a time of tremendous emotional upheaval in their life, but one that inspired incredible development in haze's personal growth and creative expression.

In an interview with Billboard, Haze talks about what they're hoping listeners will take away from the project:

I listen to this record and I hear an exponential amount of growth. Not just as a person, but as an artist. I don't really know what people will take away from it, because I think interpretation is up to everybody. I just hope in some way, shape or form, they understand that I am who I am. I am just trying to feel my way through life. I'm not trying to take a form. I'm not trying to change any minds. I'm just expressing myself, and if you feel it, you feel it. If you don't, then they motherf—king don't, and that's just it.

Back to the Woods is a bombastic assault that rolls out over 11 tracks of Tk Kayembe-produced firepower. Rugged, raw, badass, and overflowing with strength and purpose—Angel Haze is taking rap out of this world and into the beyond.

Check the Back to the Woods album release party September 14th at Baby's Alright in Brooklyn, New York. The album is  available worldwide on iTunes, Spotify, and other music retailers.

DOWNLOAD: Angel Haze - Back to the Woods


Angel Haze Destroys Everyone in the Rap Game on "Babe Ruthless"


Shapeshifter and ever-hype emcee Angel Haze is taking no prisoners on her new track, "Babe Ruthless".

Ruthless is the word here. Raw, rugged, renegade rap monster Angel Haze annihilates all competition on the track—transforming into her Machiavellian alter ego and proceeding to kick some of the illest successions of syllables she's ever released.

If this is any indication of where her forthcoming Back to the Woods mixtape (due September 14th) is headed, the rest of the hip-hop world is right to be protecting their necks.

The Tsalagi MC is out for more than just revenge. She wants it all.

You've been warned.

STREAM: Angel Haze - "Babe Ruthless"

STREAM: Angel Haze - "GXMES"


Tsalagi/Cherokee artist Angel Haze releases her second new single, "GXMES", from her upcoming 3-track EP, In the Winter of Wet Years.

Opting for a hypnotic sung vocal line on this blazing new banger, Angel Haze sets the internet afire once again with her latest Troy NoKa-produced collaboration.

But don't let the 'baby I know' hook fool you. After a few rounds of melodic teasing, Haze drops into her trademark impassioned lyricism part way into the track—and proceeds to call out her competition and gleefully boast about how well rested she is after taking a year off, and how she's "best in the game / they best put me in Guinness".

Following her "CANDLXS" drop earlier this month, Angel Haze is definitely back—and stronger than ever. Watch out, haters. No telling what, or who's, next.

STREAM: ANGEL HAZE - "GXMES" here. Or you can try to grab it from SoundCloud, but it wasn't working for us.

#Gxmes just got this, crazy track @angxlhxze

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New Music: Angel Haze - "CANDLXS"


Cherokee/Tsalagi MC and singer, Angel Haze, returns with the anthemic new single, "CANDLXS".

If you're following Angel Haze on Twitter and Instagram, you know she's been teasing fans with the promise of new music for the past few weeks.

Last night she dropped the first taste of what she's been working on: the Troy Nōka-produced burner, "CANDLXS".

The tune kicks off with a quick showcase of her rap skills and verbal dexterity, before dropping into an electric guitar and Indian flute-sampling hypnotic rhythm over which Haze sings out a plaintive call to her lover to the let the candles burn slow.

If this is where the follow up to Dirty Gold (which made our Best Indigenous Music of 2014) is headed, we can't wait to hear what's next.

UPDATE: Haze dropped the forthcoming album's title on Twitter this morning. The new record will be called, "TFABN - the flowers are blooming now".


STREAM: Angel Haze - "CANDLXS"

Listen to Bastille's "Weapon" (vs. Angel Haze vs. F*U*G*Z vs. Braque)


Cherokee hip-hop artist Angel Haze spits pure fire over Bastille's massive tune, "Weapon" (vs. F*U*G*Z vs. Braque).

There is a strong roster of rapid fire, hypertalented female MCs currently vying for centre stage in the crowded space of contemporary music—among them, Azealia Banks, Nicki Minaj, and Nitty Scott—but none spits flames with the pure firepower of Angel Haze.

Haze snarls, roars and generally destroys this huge remix of Bastille's "Weapon" with her signature brand of polymath vocab and inimitable lyrical delivery.

If this is a taste of where she's headed, Angel Haze is proving in dextrous form that her voice is, with question, a weapon.


Listen to Bastille - "Weapon" (vs. Angel Haze vs. F*U*G*Z vs. Braque)


"Weapon" will be released as part of Bastille's VS. (Other People's Heartache, Pt. III) remix record, due out in December 2014.

Angel Haze Reveals 'Dirty Gold' Details: Debut Album Featuring A Tribe Called Red


Cherokee MC, spitfire rap sensation, and rising hip-hop star, Angel Haze, has revealed details about her upcoming debut album, Dirty Gold, that will feature her collaboration with Indigenous DJ/production crew A Tribe Called Red.  

The 12-track album, Dirty Gold, drops March 3 on Island Records and is set to include her massive track "A Tribe Called Red"—the banging ATCR collab that we recently featured in  The #NationHood Mixtape.

Now the track has a full album version, new artwork, and a brand new lyric video that you can check below.

Get it in the flow and submit to the blazing fury of Angel Haze.

Full Dirty Gold Track list after the video.

Angel Haze - Dirty Gold Track list

1. "Sing About Me"

2. "Echelon (It's My Way)"

3. "A Tribe Called Red"

4. "Deep Sea Diver"

5. "Synagogue"

6. "Angel + Airwaves"

7. "April's Fools"

8. "White Lillies / White Lies"

9. "Battle Cry"

10. "Black Dahlia"

11. "Planes Fly"

12. "Dirty Gold"

Read more at Spin: Angel Haze Finally Reveals 'Dirty Gold' Album Release With 'A Tribe Called Red' 

Mentor: Litefoot's "Reach the Rez" Tour


Tsalagi rapper, actor and mentor Litefoot has taken mentorship and community involvement through music to a new level with his Reach the Rez tour and unprecedented effort to inspire Indigenous youth.

For the last 19 years, Litefoot and his red-blooded brand of Hip-hop have traveled to countless numbers of Indigenous communities in both Canada and United States. Known for his acting roles in movies like Indian in the Cupboard and Mortal Kombat, as well as for his prolific career filled with numerous album releases as a rap artist, Litefoot has been putting it down for Turtle Island since the 90's. Owner of Redvinyl Records, Nativestyle Clothing and the new FlexArrow Sneaker brand, he has been a monumental force in the Indigenous music game for almost two decades.

In 2005, Litefoot partnered with sponsors to create the Reach the Rez Tour, and traveled to 211 communities in a year's time to perform free shows and conduct workshops with youth, promoting a drug and alcohol free lifestyle as well as the importance of prayer and cultural pride.

While on tour setting a precedent of so many shows and workshops in a year, Litefoot mentored up to fifteen different at-risk youths per day as assigned to him by the Association For American Indian Development (AAID), while also mentoring hundred's of other youth in the communities he traveled to.

On his tourbus with his wife, son and 10-person team, Litefoot did the impossible and managed to accomplish what no other artist in Indian Country has done thus far. With sponsorship from the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Jeep/Chrysler and others, this non-profit organization has reached out to 211 communities and covered over 54,000 of miles in just that one year of touring, making it the largest effort of outreach to Native communities in North America by a music artist.

Using Hip-hop music to connect with both youth and adults has proved to be a viable tool for mentorship and creation of movements for social change within Indigenous communities. Litefoot has used his determination and success to promote a cultural and healthy lifestyle over the years and still proves to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to reaching the Rez on a large scale through music.

To learn more or book Litefoot to your community, be sure to visit


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