DOWNLOAD: Destiny's 'Honeysuckle', A Feminist Disco Soul Album for the Ages


Destiny drops, Honeysuckle, a hypnotic follow up to her acclaimed debut, Metallic Butterfly.

Blooming with an easy confidence, positivity, and Smart Girl Club feminist swagger, Destiny's Honeysuckle is a taste of all things good in this world.

After catching a couple of sun-soaked previews in the form of the 80s-tinged "Orange Blossom" and the disco-funk of "Soul Train", Honeysuckle finds Taino artist Destiny Fraqueri, aka the former Princess Nokia, luxuriating in her uniquely soulful blend of throwback optimism and hip-hop eclecticism.

Over the album's 12 tracks, Destiny alternately sings, croons, raps, and spins out stories of love and songs of uplift in a time of beautiful struggle.

But it's in the album's latter half that Destiny really comes into her element.

From the downtempo, trip-hop grooves of "Mermaid Girl" and "Cherry Cola", to the acoustic folk of "Wide Brim Hat" and the bluesy pairing of "God Inside of Me" with the righteous, poetic liberation of spoken word album closer, "Brown Girl Blues", Destiny is proof positive that remaining positive in the face of oppression is not just a political necessity—it's a revolutionary act of celebration.

"We can't succumb to the darkness", she says. Time to lean into the light.

STREAM: Destiny's Honeysuckle or download it below.


DOWNLOAD: Destiny's Honeysuckle

Destiny Fall Tour Dates 2015:

09.20 - MoMA PS1 - New York City 09.26 - VIA Music Fest - Pittsburgh, PA 10.11 - Webster Music Hall - New York City 10.30 - Wesleyan University - Connecticut 10.31 - The Barbery - Philadelphia, PA 11.12 - Cooper Union Hall - New York City 11.13 - Chop Suey - Seattle, WA

Destiny's New Video for "Orange Blossom" is a Sultry Summer Jam


Everyone's favourite Smart Girl Club rocker, Destiny, releases a video for her new single, "Orange Blossom".

Hot on the bell-bottomed, 70s disco heels of her previous release, "Soul Train", the reincarnation of the former Princess Nokia—now known simply as Destiny—continues its transformation.

Moving her retro-chic timeline forward into the early 80s, Destiny's latest single, "Orange Blossom", comes wrapped in a lo-fi, VHS aesthetic, filtered through the sunlit haze of late summer excursions.

Set amidst Coney Island's now mostly-quiet rides and arcades, Destiny struts, dances, grooves, and sways to the lilt and swing of the track's digital synths, laid-back electric guitar lines, and grooving handclaps. Lyrically, she pours on the innuendo, dropping "all natural" allusions to getting down in the heat of some sun-soaked summer loving.

"Orange Blossom" rides its soft, 80s-wave influences in less abstract and experimental ways than her Metallic Butterfly-era releases. And although Destiny is rooting this next phase of her creative expression in groove-based music that's gone before, she doesn't let sonic nostalgia define her sound, just cast a warm glow around it.

Kick back and enjoy before the long days of summer are gone.

WATCH: Destiny - "Orange Blossom"

Princess Nokia Announces 'Final' Tour, Talks New Project


Princess Nokia surprised all of us this morning with an announcement on Instagram and Twitter that her upcoming tour will be her last.

Although she hinted at the release of a new project to be announced in July, we're surprised to hear that after her banner year following the success of her retro-futurist album, Metallic Butterfly, she's already charting her exit from the project...though it sounds like some new things are in the works.

UPDATE: Turns out Nokia isn't doing anything as drastic as quitting music, she's just preparing to cocoon and birth her latest incarnation.

Whatever comes next, we'll definitely be watching. Here's the full text of her announcement and the final Princess Nokia tour dates through May and June. See her while you can.

Hello my beautiful children: I have come to the end of my rainbow. After a wonderful year gained from the success of, "METALLIC BUTTERFLY", and truly bringing magic into the world, this will be my last Princess Nokia Tour. It was a great year of life changing experiences and Artistic growth. Now I am on the the next chapter --> Here are Details for my next 7 shows in N.Y, D.C, Chicago, Toronto, New Jersey, and Baja California. I will be releasing a New project In July, and will disclose information soon. I'm very excited to share wats in store 🌵🍊🍋 Thank you to the brilliant Christopher Lare @owlzybaby For producing the record and being an amazing friend Thank You to Milah Libin @milahlibin and the Smart Girl Club for directing my visuals and being exceptional woman And thank you to my fans & friends, who supported me and the album all the way, who sang along at every show, who dance and cried with me, who believed in magic and beauty and pushing the boundaries for Afro futurist sound.



May 7 - NYU, New York May 23 - Calico Collective, DC May 29 - Total Therapy, Chicago May 30 - Toronto, ON June 6 - Seed Gallery, N.J. June 20  - AMF Music Fest, CA June 27 - Oshun & Princess Nokia, NYC

Watch Princess Nokia's video for "Young Girls"

Download Princess Nokia's New Single "Earth is My Playground"


Taíno electro-rap royalty, Princess Nokia, drops an upbeat Earth Day anthem, "Earth is My Playground".

Everyone's favourite Smart Girl Club rocka and eco-conscious, cyborg warrior returns with an Owwwls-produced, sugary synth-pop, dance party gem to get your #EarthDay groove on.

Nokia continues to mine her reworked 90s throwback aesthetic with an eco-optimistic, hypercolour four-on-the-floor jam that bounces us back into a neon raving daze. Time to break out the glow sticks and candy bracelets, kids. P.L.U.R. is back in full force.

Listen and download: Princess Nokia - "Earth is My Playground"        


The 15 Best Indigenous Music Videos of 2014


Indigenous artists continued their takeover of popular culture in 2014. Here are the best Indigenous music videos of the year.

First things first, if you missed our epic selections of the Best Indigenous Music of 2014, you should go read and listen to what we picked. Also check out the Most Slept-On Indigenous Album of the year.

And as though our top albums, EPs, singles and our Best of 2014 Remixtape weren't enough to satiate your hunger for Native artistry, we've also compiled our favourite Indigenous music videos of 2014.

There were many amazing, cinema-sonic moments put on tape this year, but these were the videos that made the deepest, most engaging, and even funniest, impressions on us.

15. Jayli Wolf - "I Don't Remember"

Part of the fifth season of APTN's First Tracks, this is a sibylline dreamscape for a haunting and deceptively simple song by Jayli Wolf  (Métis). Directed by Michelle Latimer, we love getting lost in the video's black and white layering of starry, underwater, earthy and mesmerizing images.

14. Scatter Their Own- "Taste the Time"

"We are only as clean as our water" says Oglala Lakota duo Scatter Their Own. Want to know why Indigenous people are rising up against pipelines through our territories? This is why. An ominous and of things to come. That is, unless we change course.

13. Princess Nokia - "Nokia"

Cyber-supernatural 90s vibes abound in this neon and glittery ode to anime, BFFs, Nickelodeon, robotic dogs, and Nokia ringtones, among assorted other shimmering oddities. Flashbackward to bedazzled future beats in this trippy slice of this Taino Princess' world. You'll be hypnotized just like we were.

12. Mic Jordan - "Modern Day Warrior (ft. Real Truth)"

Youthful, exuberant, dedicated to the struggle and dropping hip-hop gems, up-and-comer Mic Jordan holds it down rapping directly about what it means to thrive and survive as a modern day warrior for his people, the Turtle Mountain Chippewa. Now that's what's up. This clip comes from Jordan's slept on album, Sometime After 83, which he dropped earlier this year (and which you should go download for free right now). The struggle lives and breathes in the artistry of talented Native MCs like Mic Jordan. "And damn right / I was built to fight". Tell it!

11. Kinnie Starr ft. Ja$E El Niño - "Save Our Waters"

Mohawk artist Kinnie Starr's not one to be shy in speaking her mind and this ode to protecting coastal waters from intrusive pipeline development finds a perfect counterpart in this collab with Haidawood—a stop motion animation video that works perfectly for the track that CBC called "part indictment, part wake-up call". We are in need of both at this point, and this is a creative and playful way to get the message out. Now let it compel action.

10. Drezus - "Warpath"

Although we're not exactly sold on's framing of Indigenous hip-hop as "the most authentic rap we have today" (what is authentic? who is we?), we get what they were trying to say. No one else is bringing together raw talent, creativity and firepower like Native artists. Plains Cree/Saulteaux artist Drezus doesn't mix words or mess around and on this Stuey Kubrick-directed clip, he reps for the people—painted up, fire burning, singers around the drum, wild horses running slow mo, and surrounded by his fam and relations. That's power. Watch it all the way to the end for a special appearance by Beau Dick, master carver and hereditary chief of the Namgis First Nation, making that west coast warrior connect.

9. Angel Haze - "A Tribe Called Red"

Two of our favourite artists joined forces this year and the results exceeded our expectations. Although a lyric video for this tune was released a while back, this official video for Cherokee singer/MC Angel Haze's collab with A Tribe Called Red brings that ultra-crisp, black and white, leather-clad, dialed aesthetic we were hoping for. You want some more? Good luck competing with Angel Haze's "deity swag and omnipotent style".

8. Radical Son - "Human Behaviour"

When minimalism works, it really works. Keeping with that vibe, Kamilaroi artist Radical Son's video for his soulful tune "Human Behaviour" works with opaque spaces, blending deep, dark blacks and fading whites and greys, and using its stripped down visual spectrum to pull the gravity of the song's deep reggae groove out from the depths. Dope.

7. Sacramento Knoxx ft. DJ Dez - "The Trees Will Grow Again"

Community organizer, activist, MC, hip-hop producer and micro-documentary maker, Anishinaabe/Xicano artist Sacramento Knoxx is a man of many talents. This joint brings it all together with a dope visual delivery of rugged anti-imperialist politics, BDS empowerment, and raw hip-hop talent. That, plus the proceeds of the track go to benefiting youth and community. Knoxx is elevating the game and bringing power back to the people. The RaizUp is right. Represent.

6. Cree Nation Artists (Chisasibi Community) - "I Believe"

Ok, this one is pretty amazing. Hip-hop artist/producer and educator David Hodges has been working with the Cree Nation Government on a community-based music project called "N'we Jinan". Travelling throughout Cree communities in Quebec, Hodges set up a mobile studio, created music with youth and, in the process, produced a 19-song album that just went to Number 1 on iTunes in Canada. "I Believe" is the first single from the album—and it's an inspiring showcase of rising youth talent and empowerment. Raise it up for the next generation celebrating "culture, language and love". These are the voices we'll be listening for.

5. Greg Grey Cloud Storms the U.S. Senate with Honor Song After Keystone XL Vote

When the U.S. Senate votes to reject the Keystone XL pipeline by one vote, ONE VOTE, what else are you going to do but sing an honour song until they kick you out of there? Well, that's exactly what Crow Creek Sioux member Greg Grey Cloud did. You want to restore order Elizabeth Warren? Join Greg in "honouring the leaders who stood up for the people". Respect!

4. A Tribe Called Red - "Sisters (ft. Northern Voice)"

It's hard not to get behind a video that features a song we love, made by a crew the entire Native community loves, featuring Natives we recognize, and basically depicting exactly how it feels to get down to Mohawk/Cayuga/Anishinaabe crew A Tribe Called Red's music. Of course it's a party. Of course we're dancing in our bedrooms, in the convenience store, at the club, and in the car. Oh and course we have fireworks, colour smoke bomb things, and a Mohawk Warrior flag flying as we roll down a winter highway with the sunroof rolled back, the windows rolled down, and ATCR on blast in the system. You know we're all headed to the same Electric Powwow night anyways. See you on the dancefloor, relations.

3. Supaman - "Prayer Loop Song" 

Just another day in the life of your average beatboxing, freestyling, regalia wearing, powwow and b-boy fancy dancing, flute playing, drum beating, record scratching, loop-making, Crow Nation hip-hop SUPAMAN. They don't call him that for nothing, you know. Mad mad skills. Watch and learn.

2. Rebel Music - "Native America"

When we found out Rebel Music were debuting their Season 2 premiere, "Native America", as a Facebook-only video stream, we were all "Really guys? Facebook only?". But then we remembered how much NDNs lovvvvvvve Facebook—and how amazing the "Native America" episode is—and we realized this was actually a pretty brilliant strategy. The episode became a rallying cry for Native people across Turtle Island: it was viewed more than 2 million times in its first week (at last count it was approaching 4.5 Million views and still climbing). Needless to say, many tears of joy and shouts of Native Pride were shared (check the FB comments) as we watched ourselves and our community being represented for how we really are: vibrant, creative, alive and thriving in the midst of all the insanity! So special shout outs to Frank Waln, Inez Jasper, Nataanii Means and Mike Cliff for representing their nations—and all of our people—in a good way. Rebel Music: Native America reminded us that everyday is a great day to be Indigenous.

1. 1491s - "Cherokee"

There's no way this wasn't making the cut. Let's face it. With what we're up against, collectively, we all need more humour in our lives. And, according to the Dine/Dakota/Osage/Seminole/Creek comedy crew the 1491s, we all need more Europe in our lives too. The band, that is, not the continent. The 1491s have made a lot of amazing videos over the years, but this one is such an incredible parody of the 1986 hit, there's just no way the original can compete anymore. And that's saying something, because have you seen the original?? All we can say is MOAR. More of this please. More Turdle Island, more NAMMY GOLD, more HBC blanket antics, more decolonizing Europe, and more of whatever the hell Ryan Red Corn is doing. A newly indigenized modern hair metal classic. Aho!

STREAM: Pura Fé - "Sacred Seed"


Legendary Taino/Tuscarora singer Pura Fé, returns with "Sacred Seed" the title track and lead single from her forthcoming solo album on Nueva Onda Records.

Pura Fé is perhaps most well known as the founding member of the Indigenous women's a cappela group Ulali, but she is an accomplished singer and an acclaimed songwriter in her own right.

Having recently been discovered by the Nueva Onda label in France, she has gained a whole new audience for her work—and a new group of creative collaborators.

"Sacred Seed", the lead single and title track from her new album, is a beautiful slice of Indigenous blues — a celebration of ancestral memory, sacred stories, and cycles of renewal. Pura Fé's vocals powerfully carry the stripped down tune into a piano and electric guitar-soaked haze of harmony. A soulful taste of things to come.

Sacred Seed will be released on January 27th and Pura Fé will be touring through France in 2015. Tour dates below.

Listen to Pura Fé's "Sacred Seed"



20 Dec – Old San Ysidro Church, Corrales, New Mexico

4 Feb – Le Sonograf – Le Thor

5 Feb – Au fil des Voix – Paris

6 Feb- Théatre Denis – Hyères

7 Feb –  Centre Culturel l’Ellipse – Moëlan sur Mer

10 April - Scène Croisées – Chanac

11 April – Le Sonambule – Gignac

16 April – Café de la Danse – Paris

17 April – Centre Culturel – Bondy

24 April – Beautiful Swamp Blues Festival - Calais

Watch the Anime-tastic Video for Princess Nokia's, "Nokia"


Princess Nokia drops an anime-laden video for her ethereal, cyber-R&B track, "Nokia".

Comic-Con, anime and cosplay obsessed Taino artist, Princess Nokia, is back with new visuals for her dreamy electronic track "Nokia"—and the video features a swirling cascade of her favourite neon images and sugary pop influences.

As the owwwls-produced, Nokia ringtone-sampling beat swirls around her, Princess Nokia kicks back with her homies amidst piles of iridescent pillows, floating metallic butterflies, sparkly hair clips, spinning candy-coloured iBooks, red-lit staircases, robotic dogs, and Genetix comics, while freeform cuts and samples from anime Michiko to Hatchin, Japanese video games, and the old Nickelodeon sitcom Taina spin out this "holographic fantasy".

Surefire in her late 90s/early-new millenial futuristic throwback stance, "Nokia" finds the "supernatural princess" right in her element.


Watch Princess Nokia, "Nokia"


DOWNLOAD: Princess Nokia's "Nokia"

STREAM: Princess Nokia - "YAYA"


Rising experimental hip-hop artist Princess Nokia drops an electro-rap dedication to her Taíno roots and ancestry.

Falling somewhere between the melodic song-rap of Santigold and the electronic world mashups of M.I.A., this is the first Brooklyn hip-hop artist that I've come across to represent for the Taíno — the Indigenous peoples of the Caribbean and Greater Antilles — and she does it with fire and passion.

Produced by beatsmith Paul Devro, Princess Nokia describes "YAYA" as a direct line of connection and inspiration from her Indigenous heritage:

"Yaya" is the Taino word for Great Spirit. This Song is dedicated to my Taino ancestry and indigenous upbringing. The Taino People were the original inhibitors of the Caribbean and Greater Antilles (present day Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti & Jamaica)

"YAYA" interrogates colonialism while marking a personal journey to recuperate her warrior bloodline. As she astutely observes, "history can tell you something / but they're always lying". The journey to recover and rediscover the lineage of forgotten indigeneity runs deep. And it produces dope music in the process.

Princess Nokia has been on a run lately. Her audacious debut full-length album, Metallic Butterfly, is a firestorm of sonic and lyrical experimentation that depicts a unique world "where hood rats, cyborgs, political revolutionaries, and spiritual mystics are one in the same". The record is amazing (listen to it here) and it's being hailed as "one of the most exciting and ambitious independently released albums to come out of the New York underground in a long time". With massive love being showered on her work, and an upcoming performance scheduled at the powerhouse Afropunk Festival in New York City later in August, Nokia is fast becoming one to watch.

STREAM: Princess Nokia - "YAYA"