DOWNLOAD: Antithesis - "I See You"


Conscious Indigenous hip-hop group Antithesis collaborates with Blackfire's Klee Benally for this track entitled "I See You".

Antithesis has been putting in work towards the conscious hip-hop movement for the last decade. The group consists of three Mc's and a DJ: Freetruth from the Pomo and Dine Nations, Prophecy from the Prairie Band Potawatomi People, C-Los of the Isanti Dakotah and DJ Jonra of The Laguna and Acoma Pueblos. Here's a track from their latest release The Power Of Purpose which features Klee Benally from the Navajo punk band Blackfire entitled "I See You".

DOWNLOAD: Antithesis - "I See You"

Ras K'dee's New Album "Cloudwriter"


Pomo/Keynan musician Ras K'dee has a new release called Cloudwriter available on iTunes for a great cause.

Ras K’dee has been putting it down for conscious Indigenous hip-hop for the last decade, bringing lessons of reality to his listeners on a solo tip and also with the collective, Audio Pharmacy.

In addition, he’s a founding member of SNAG Magazine, a progressive rag coming out of the Bay Area, Ras’ music is laced with awareness culture and Indigenous styles known so well from the California sun. Touching on issues of Indigenous struggles, Ras manages to turn it into medicine with his progressive style of music.

This new album, Cloudwriter, is laced with some banging rap beats, slower ballad type songs, reggae-funk and live instrumentation giving it a roots kind of feel. Perfect for summer weather.

The deepest part of this album release is the context in which Ras K’dee is making it available. The proceeds of album purchases will go towards a solar project on the Ha-bida Pomo Reservation in Northern California.  This is a class act by a great musician with an awesome product.

For more about Ras K’dee and Cloudwriter, check out and purchase the album on iTunes or

  1. Platform
  2. Thalimit
  3. Peace Prize Feat. Sunru Skywalka
  4. Seethaway Feat. Rick Wayne
  5. Harder Feat. Nikila Badua
  6. Thepath
  7. Sweetsounds Feat. Aisha Fukushima
  8. Step Correct Feat. Mano Negro & Sole Rebel
  9. Weallneed
  10. Hold On
  11. Diffrint Feat. Songbird
  12. Buscando Feat. Deuce Eclipse & Raw G
  13. Fallacy Feat. Somos One, Madlines & Ms. Tayfah
  14. Thaharvest Feat. Pasha & Zygoat

Also check out Snag Magazine's website.

DOWNLOAD: Vic Buildsafire - "Revolution"


Dine’, Pomo, Aztec, and Spanish artist Vic Buildsafire is an independent, self-produced hip-hop artist based in California. The production value of his work is high and the message is strong – his submission to RPM instantly caught our attention and we’re stoked to share this track with you. His new album, The Barter, is about trading cultures, motivation and self-reflection and Vic is driven to represent his tribe and share life’s struggles through his music. While he talks about the struggle, he's coming at it with love. Feel it and get the whole album at DOWNLOAD: Vic Buildsafire - "Revolution"