RPM YouTube Playlist - "Revitalization"


Here's an RPM YouTube playlist to accompany our last podcast that focused on Indigenous language revitalization.

Staying in the theme of our last RPM podcast, we've compiled a playlist of Indigenous videos that are in the realm of language revitalization.

To view this playlist in YouTube click this link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL166EDD1F62B2484D 


Intro Kashtin - Tshinanu (Our People) Radmilla Cody - A Beautiful Dawn Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson - A Call to the Ancestors Robbie Robertson featuring Ulali - Mahk Jchi (Heart Beat Drum Song) Wab Kinew - Anishinabemowin Word of the Day - Ninagam Wab Kinew - Anishinabemowin Word of the Day - Ketenagamonan Wab Kinew - Anishinabemowin Word of the Day - Nagamok! Wab Kinew - Anishinabemowin Word of the Day - Diwe'igan Outro

RPM YouTube Playlist - Native Hip-Hop


As always, accompanying our RPM Podcast #007 is a YouTube playlist from our channel. This week we bring to you some Indigenous hip-hop music videos. Boom.


Red Cloud featuring Pigeon John - Tapatio Lakota Jonez - Movin' On (LIVE) Hellnback - Keep It Movin' Mils & Eekwol featuring Luckyiam - The Gauntlet Samian featuring Florent Vollant - Tshinanu War Party - All For One Conway K - The Flow Joey Stylez - Living Proof

Got some music videos you're digging these days? Comment below and let us know...or hit us up at: info@rpm.fm 

Isuma.tv Offers Online Platform for Inuit and Indigenous Storytellers


Isuma.tv is a fantastic multimedia website for Inuit and Indigenous media culture, focusing on independent media content.

Launched in 2008, Isuma.tv presents cultural, digital media content from Inuit and Indigenous people. This platform encourages Indigenous people to share their stories through digital multimedia. Created by the producers of movie Atanarjuat The Fast Runner, Igloolik Isuma Productions, this webspace is open for people to share their past, present and futures through video, photos and audio.

By creating a channel on Isuma.tv you can share and network with other Indigenous people making digital media and artistry. There are currently over 2600 videos in 46 different Indigenous languages.

The site is available in either high or low bandwidth choices for those in more rural communities.

Igloolik Isuma Productions is winding down it's operations as a film company, but Norman Cohn, one of the Isuma directors, assures that the Isuma.tv initiative will not be affected.

To learn more, or to watch and upload your own films, go to Isuma.tv.

RPM YouTube Playlist: North Coast


To accompany our North Coast Podcast, we've compiled some YouTube videos of awesome Indigenous artist from the North Coast on our RPM Youtube Channel. The playlist includes:

Leela Gilday - One Drum Digawolf - The Trapper Samian featuring Shauit - Les Nomades Kronos Quartet and Tanya Tagag - Nunavut The Johnnys

Got a video you would like to see on our Youtube Channel? Drop us a line and let us know: info@rpm.fm

VIDEO: Samian feat. Shauit - "So Much"


Algonquin French rap and Innu Montagnais singing reggae...IN CUBA?!

Yes indeed—straight of Pikogan, in the Québec region of Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Algonquin MC Samian brings his Indigenous or Autochtonous sound, a fresh edge and high-quality video production to his hip-hop style.

Partnered with Shauit, an Innu reggae singer from the native reserve Maliotenam, a few miles from Sept-Îles on the North Shore of Quebec, Samian brings you another captivating video—this one filmed on location in beautiful Cuba.

The song "So Much" is the latest single from Samian's album Face à la Musique, mends Samian's razor sharp hip-hop stylings with Shauit's reggae chops in a colourful and much needed change in scenery for Indigenous Hiphop.

Released in early June, this video should warm you up to the new summer heat now radiating out of the Northeast Coast.

Samian can be found on his label's website 7ième Ciel Records as well as the label's YouTube Channel.