Indian Summer Music Awards 2012 Nominees


More in awards season news - the Indian Summer Music Awards (ISMA) announced their nominees! Check them out here.

The Indian Summer Music Awards take place each year at the Indian Summer Festival on Wilwaukee's lakefront in Wisconsin. The winners of the awards will be announced Saturday September 8th, at a ceremony hosted by Joy Harjo.

Here are the 2012 Indian Summer Music Award nominees:

Blues Song Living The Blues from Just Living The Blues Bluedog Everybody’s Got The Blues from The Art of Peace, Michael Jacobs

Contemporary / Modern Instrumental Song What May Come from  String Theory, Joseph Strider Watersong  from Supernation , Vince Fontaine's Indian City Lightning Drum  from Waking From the Roots, Coyote Jump Shades of Blue and Shades of Blue, Gabriel Ayala Into The Sunset from Earth Songs, Douglas Blue Feather and Danny Voris

Country Song Come Home from My Country Song, David St. Germain Beautiful from My Country Song, David St. Germain Runaway from Ali FontaineAli Fontaine Forever Young from Ali Fontaine,  Ali Fontaine Right Where I Wanna Be from The Long Way Home, Don Amero

Folk Song House of Sand from The Art of Peace, Michael Jacobs La Lupa (The She Wolf) from La Lupa (The She Wolf), Jimmy Lee Young The Rain Gonna Come and This is How the Story Goes, Dustin Lee

HipHop Song Ijinamowin from Visions from One Nation, Flying Down Thunder and Rise Ashen Foolin' Around from Saved by the Bell, REZHOGS Hear My Cry and Hear My Cry, Frank Waln I Miss You from B. of Dakota South Records, Brandis Knudsen Games  from The Hangover, Nightshield

Pop Song Missing You    Just Living The Blues    Bluedog God Bless the Whole World    The Art of Peace    Michael Jacobs Supernation    Supernation    Vince Fontaine's Indian City Sunrise    Supernation    Vince Fontaine's Indian City La Lupa (The She Wolf)    La Lupa (The She Wolf)    Jimmy Lee Young

Rock Song Cross My Heart  from Just Living The Blues, Bluedog Supernation from Supernation, Vince Fontaine's Indian City Stand from Supernation, Vince Fontaine's Indian City That Bottle in Your Hand    A Residential School Story, weaselhead The Hangover from The Hangover, Nightshield

Traditional Native American Drum Song Monkey Meat I from Tribute to the Oldtimers, Pipestone Fancy Trick Song from Warriors in the Mist, Tha Tribe Wanbli from Drum Boy-Mistikwaskihk Napesis, Northern Cree This is It from Horse Dance-Mistatim Simoowin, Cree Confederation Sing With Me  from Dancerz Groove, Northern Cree

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