Mob Bounce Reclaim Identity, Share Influence and Bring Healing in "Mob Medicine" Doc


Last month woke hip-hop duo Mob Bounce released "Mob Medicine," a short documentary about their journey in finding themselves and empowering native communities through their music.

“We started getting our ideas out and it’s like we just started created this whirlwind of thoughts which slowly turned into action and looking at us today, that’s become our healing tool,” Travis Adrian Hebert aka Heebz the Earthchild (Cree/Métis) says of Mob Bounce’s beginnings.

“What I feel about my lyrical content is that it’s the spirit materializing a message through me. Part of my intent with that is that it connects with other people," said Craig Frank Edes aka The Northwest Kid (Hungarian/Scottish/Irish and Gitxsan). "Being aware its like you understand your surroundings and the energy around you and you have the opportunity to create life.”

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Like many Indigenous youth, Travis and Craig grew up with a loss of their cultural identity, but discovered that hip-hop was the vehicle in which they were meant to share their experience and spread knowledge to others who have gone through similar experiences.

“I feel like our music is good for the youth and for the people who need healing in the sense that we bring terminology to that social awareness," says Craig. "Eventually there’s just layers and layers that will peel apart and it creates a lot of healing for the youth who had to experience a lot of the same things say me and Travis experienced in our communities."

Check out "Mob Medicine" below, directed by Media Creatorz Amanda Strong and Bracken Hanuse-Corlett:

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DOWNLOAD: Mob Bounce's 'Mob Medicine', A Powerful Debut Album of Indigenous Hip-Hop


Rising Indigenous hip-hop duo Mob Bounce drop their hotly-anticipated new album, Mob Medicine.

Gitxsan MC The Northwest Kid and Cree/Métis MC Heebz the Earthchild have been locked in the studio working on their "grassroots labour of love" for a minute now, but the hype has been building for their debut album to drop.

Well, the wait is over. Mob Medicine is here.

A self-produced effort featuring the two MCs trading conscious bars over decidedly abstract hip-hop beats, Mob Bounce combines west coastal naturalistic imagery and acoustic poetry with more rugged spiritual anthems dedicated to uplifiting the Indigenous community.

From the spoken word melodics of "Land of Giant Dragonflies" to hypnotic healing joints like "New Sage" and the half-sung, eerily melancholic "Starseed", the duo pushes out beyond the limits of masculinist rap bravado and into more intimate and interior territory.

Mid-album cuts like "Walk With Our Sisters", a crackling rhythmic dedication to missing and murdered Indigenous women, and the early single, "Oral Tradition", find Mob Bounce bringing their commitment to culture, family, and community to the forefront, but it's in the album's closing tracks, like the sublime "Sacred Space" featuring Drezus, that their music really finds its spirited groove, infusing the Mob's open-hearted aesthetics with hip-hop's urgency and prophetic poetics.

Don't sleep. This is just the first step on their journey. Get a dose of that good Mob Medicine and like they tell it, #burnsageeveryday.

Stream the album in full below or head to and grab the free download.

mob medicine

Mob Bounce - Mob Medicine Track List:

1. Cree Dance Clearwater Revival 2. Redfist 3. Culture 4. Animal Spirit Interlude Poem 5. Animal Spirit 6. Land of Giant Dragonflies by Wysper Light 7. Welcome to the Struggle 8. Baldhead with Braids 9. New Sage 10. Starseed Interlude Poem 11. Starseed 12. Redboy 13. Walk With Our Sisters 14. Oral Tradition 15. Brush That Rain 16. Our People Were Sleeping But Now We’re Awake 17. Stay With Me 18. All My Relations 19. Sacred Space (Keep it Real) Ft. Drezus 20. Grandpa’s Journey Song

Stream Mob Bounce's "Mob Medicine"

Stream Mob Bounce's Hypnotic New Single, "Animal Spirit"


Mob Bounce drops "Animal Spirit", the second single from their upcoming release, Mob Medicine.

Hot off the melancholic longing of "Welcome to the Struggle"Heebz the Earthchild and the Northwest Kid are back with round two, "Animal Spirit", a haunting dose of Indigenous hip-hop medicine.

Over a hypnotic backing beat filled with echoing chimes, bells, and distorted animal sounds, the track channels the carefully-crafted lyrics of the two MCs, in traded sing-rapped verses brimming with flow and fire.

"Animal Spirit" takes struggle music and blends it with the force of ancestral presence and resurgent return. Mob Bounce critiques the failings of western rapacious capitalism and colonialism, while calling out to west coast secret societies, protected knowledge, and prayers of thanks to the Creator.

Mob Bounce sees through the smoke and mirrors of colonized being with eagle-eyed clarity. Get lifted on the music and listen with your spirit.

STREAM: Mob Bounce - "Animal Spirit"

DOWNLOAD: Mob Bounce - "Mixed Blood" Mix Tape


Here at RPM we are pleased to offer a mix tape download for the first time. It is also the first project to come from “Alter-Native” Mob Bounce - the duo of Gitxsan artist Craig Frank Edes aka. Craigy Craig and Cree/Métis Travis Hebert aka. Heebz the Earthchild. Friends since childhood, the two created the Mixed Blood Mixtape as a musical journey through their younger years together with hip hop, dubstep, drum & bass, digital cumbia and traditional drum. Enjoy.

  1. I'mma Dog
  2. Traditional
  3. Bounce
  4. Put 'em Up
  5. Flexin'
  6. WhitePanty
  7. Mary and Jane
  8. Latchkey

DOWNLOAD: Mob Bounce - "Mixed Blood" Mix Tape