DOWNLOAD: Mob Bounce's 'Mob Medicine', A Powerful Debut Album of Indigenous Hip-Hop


Rising Indigenous hip-hop duo Mob Bounce drop their hotly-anticipated new album, Mob Medicine.

Gitxsan MC The Northwest Kid and Cree/Métis MC Heebz the Earthchild have been locked in the studio working on their "grassroots labour of love" for a minute now, but the hype has been building for their debut album to drop.

Well, the wait is over. Mob Medicine is here.

A self-produced effort featuring the two MCs trading conscious bars over decidedly abstract hip-hop beats, Mob Bounce combines west coastal naturalistic imagery and acoustic poetry with more rugged spiritual anthems dedicated to uplifiting the Indigenous community.

From the spoken word melodics of "Land of Giant Dragonflies" to hypnotic healing joints like "New Sage" and the half-sung, eerily melancholic "Starseed", the duo pushes out beyond the limits of masculinist rap bravado and into more intimate and interior territory.

Mid-album cuts like "Walk With Our Sisters", a crackling rhythmic dedication to missing and murdered Indigenous women, and the early single, "Oral Tradition", find Mob Bounce bringing their commitment to culture, family, and community to the forefront, but it's in the album's closing tracks, like the sublime "Sacred Space" featuring Drezus, that their music really finds its spirited groove, infusing the Mob's open-hearted aesthetics with hip-hop's urgency and prophetic poetics.

Don't sleep. This is just the first step on their journey. Get a dose of that good Mob Medicine and like they tell it, #burnsageeveryday.

Stream the album in full below or head to and grab the free download.

mob medicine

Mob Bounce - Mob Medicine Track List:

1. Cree Dance Clearwater Revival 2. Redfist 3. Culture 4. Animal Spirit Interlude Poem 5. Animal Spirit 6. Land of Giant Dragonflies by Wysper Light 7. Welcome to the Struggle 8. Baldhead with Braids 9. New Sage 10. Starseed Interlude Poem 11. Starseed 12. Redboy 13. Walk With Our Sisters 14. Oral Tradition 15. Brush That Rain 16. Our People Were Sleeping But Now We’re Awake 17. Stay With Me 18. All My Relations 19. Sacred Space (Keep it Real) Ft. Drezus 20. Grandpa’s Journey Song

Stream Mob Bounce's "Mob Medicine"

DOWNLOAD: Sean 'Blues Puppy' Riquelme - "Licked"


We'd guess that Sean Riquelme earned his Blues Puppy title for the fact that he first started playing guitar at age 6 - as soon as his hands could reach the frets - and was performing for crowds at age 11. A young pup indeed, and now only at 15 years old he's ready to take the music world by storm with his first EP Licked. The title track is this week's #RPMdownload.

Guitar phenom Sean "Blues Puppy" Riquelme (Cree/Quichaua) is at the start of his career. His show “Tribute to Guitar Legends” runs at local venues, festivals, fundraisers and coffee shops with his band in British Columbia and it's no surprise his influences include such legends as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Buddy Guy, BB King and Eric Clapton.

Riquelme is on the path to greatness himself with his clear dedication to his craft.

The new EP Licked is Riquleme's first foray into original material and includes tracks written by Riquelme and co-written with producer Michael Burley. We've got the exclusive download of the title track for you this week - get it now and say you knew him when.

DOWNLOAD: "Licked" - Sean "Blues Puppy" Riquelme

Video Doubleheader By HannahC Productions


HannahC Productions hits us with a doubleheader of music videos from Kinnie Starr and Niska Napoleon.

Hannah Clifford aka HannahC is the brains behind HannahC Productions which has released a handful of music videos for artists like Kinnie Starr, Rellik and JB The First Lady. Originally from Prince George B.C., Hannah is a mixed Cree/Russian/Irish woman living now in Vancouver, Edmonton and Northern B.C.

This was a prolific week for Hannah releasing two videos into the Indigenous music culture-sphere. One is for Kinnie Starr's song Go Go See It and is a colourful expression of this fun song. The other is a promotional video for The Whiteflower Tour of Niska Napoleon. This post-tour wrap up takes us into some of the shows and backstage scenes of Niska's recent tour.

Both videos are laced with Hannahs artistic flavour and comedic styling.

If you want to checkout more of HannahCs video work, be sure to go to her YouTube channel:

Or her Tumblr:

Watch Kinnie Starr - "Go Go See It"

Watch Niska Napoleon The White Flower