STREAM: A Tribe Called Red Drops New Single "R.E.D." feat. Yasiin Bey, Narcy, and Black Bear


A Tribe Called Red released another single this month, building much anticipation for their new album "We Are The Halluci Nation", dropping September 16, 2016.

"R.E.D.", which features Yasiin Bey, Narcy, and Black Bear, made its world premiere on Ebro's #Beats1Ebro radio show on Apple Music this week.

The single includes powerful verses from legendary hip-hop artist Yasiin Bey (aka the mighty Mos Def)  and Iraqi-Canadian MC The Narcicyst (aka Narcy)—dropping fire lyrics over ATCR's "Stadium Pow Wow" beat, and the song is a testament to border-smashing, cross-cultural collaboration and creative connection.

"I think it is the first time in history where you have an African, an Iraqi, and the Indigenous [People] of Canada are on one song", Narcy says. "It feels like the beginning of something new and old, the rebirth after many injustices."

This is just the beginning of a new phase of Tribe "showing the power of our people combined".

Listen to A Tribe Called Red's "R.E.D. (feat. Yasiin Bey, Narcy, and Black Bear)"

Bump it on Apple Music:


Native American Music Awards 2014: Full List of Nominees


The 15th annual Native American Music Awards are set for November 14, 2014 at the Seneca Allegany Events Center. Check out the full list of nominees and vote for your favourite Indigenous artists.

The Native American Music Awards are a staple of the Indigenous music awards circuit and every year they hand out nods to an astonishing diversity of Indigenous artists in over 30 categories of music, spoken word and historical recordings. This year is no exception. From country and hip-hop, to pow wow and gospel, and even, um, "new age", the NAMAs span the widest possible spectrum of Native American music. A Tribe Called Red, Samantha Crain, and Bear Fox are all up for multiple awards this year—but there are many, many more nominees to listen to and choose from.

Voting is currently underway in all categories and winners will be announced on Friday, November 14th at the NAMA gala at Seneca Allegany Events Center. The awards show will be streamed live on and broadcast on FNX Television.

Cast your ballot and listen to a 116-track playlist of this year's NAMA nominees right here.

Native American Music Awards 2014 Full List of Nominees


  • Jan Looking Wolf Reibach (Conf. Tribes of Grande Ronde – Kalapuya) - Tamanawas
  • Joanne Shenandoah (Oneida) – Nature Dance
  • Mato Nanji (Lakota/Dakota) – Vanishing Americans
  • R. Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman (Navajo/Ute) – Awakening The Fire
  • Ryan Little Eagle Molina (Lakota/Apache) – The Long Journey Home
  • Wade Fernandez (Menominee) – Breathe & Flow


  • A Tribute To Little Johnny Taylor – Jimmy Wolf (Mohawk)
  • Back To Clearlake Oaks – Twice As Good
  • Blues Joose Vol 2 - Joel Johnson (Tuscarora)
  • Lakota John and Kin - Lakota John and Kin (Lumbee/Oglala)
  • Red Kroz Bluez Band - Red Kroz Bluez Band (Munsee)
  • Vanishing Americans – Indigenous


  • CTR Country Mix – Various Artists
  • Dawn's Early Light - Various Artists
  • Don't Let Me Forget - Kelly Montijo Fink
  • Earth Bound Angel – Various Artists
  • Putumayo Presents Native America – Various Artists
  • The Hopson Live Session - Various Artists


  • 3 of a Kind - John McLeod (Cree)
  • Bring It On – Donny Parenteau (Metis)
  • Senorita Dreams – Wayne Garner (Cherokee/Apache)
  • Tribute - Victoria Blackie (Navajo)
  • Tyra Preston – Tyra Preston (Navajo)
  • Woman Of Red – Tracy Bone (Ojibway)


  • David Rose – Wind Dance Under The Moon
  • Gabrielle Knife (Lakota Sioux) – Ohiya Ku WInyan
  • Gareth – The Journey
  • Leah Shenandoah (Oneida) - Spektra
  • Nitanis “Kit” Largo (Various) – Serenity
  • Robert Mullinax (Cherokee) – Dream of a Sacred Song


  • A Tribe Called Red (Cayuga/Ojibway) – A Tribe Called Red
  • Fabulous Ripcords (Oneida) - Voo Doo Girl
  • Iskwew Singers (Metis/Cree/Saulteaux) – Kamawinan: Songs of Our People
  • Lightning Creek (Nez Perce) – Long Time Coming
  • Sihasin (Navajo) – Never Surrender
  • Women of Heart (Various) - Winds of Change


  • Donna Kay (Metis) – Uncover Me
  • Jamie Coon (Creek/Seminole) – Day After Day
  • Rhonda Head (Cree) - Nikumoon
  • Rita Coolidge (Cherokee) – A Rita Coolidge Christmas
  • Tracy Bone (Ojibway) - Woman Of Red
  • Victoria Blackie (Navajo) - Tribute


  • Adageyudi – Clear Water Drum (Cherokee/Yaqui/Metis)
  • Songs to Keep the Earth Alive - Good Shield Aguilar
  • Heart of the Buffalo– Richard Stepp and Rick McKee (Keetoowah)
  • Home Grown - Storm Seymour (Meskwaki)
  • Keeper of the Dreams - Red Feather Woman (Assiniboine/Sioux)
  • Kid Face - Samantha Crain (Choctaw)


  • Cal Silverfox Lopez (Apache) – To Touch The Sky
  • Douglas Blue Feather – Dawn of a New Light
  • Jan Looking Wolf Reibach (Conf. Tribes of Grande Ronde – Kalapuya) - Tamanawas
  • Jonathon Maracle Ohwihsha (Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte) – The Clearing
  • Rona Yellow Robe (Chippewa Cree) - The Gathering
  • Tony Duncan (Apache/Ankara/Hidatsu/Mandan) – Native Son


  • Don’t Let Me Forget – Kelly Montijo Fink
  • Grace & Grit: Chapter I – Dark Water Rising (Lumbee)
  • Love & Kindness - Golana (Cherokee) & Peter Kater
  • Nikumoon - Rhonda Head (Cree)
  • Season of Joy – Yolanda Martinez (Apache)
  • Speak To The Sky – Storm Seymour (Meskwaki)


  • Dark Water Rising (Lumbee) - Grace & Grit: Chapter I
  • Indigie Femme (Navajo) – Te Hau Waiati
  • Injunuity (Various) – Fight For Survival
  • Plenty Wolf Singers(Oglala Lakota) – Medicine Wolf
  • Rushingwind & Mucklow (Cahuilla) – Strong Horse
  • Sweethearts of Navajoland (Navajo) – From The Heart of Dine Nation


  • Chillin’ Rez-Style - Will and Jesse Lee (Lakota)
  • Heart of the Buffalo – Richard Stepp and Rick McKee (Keetoowah)
  • Intikana (Arawak/Taino) – Native Eyez
  • 2 Worlds - Nataanii Means (Oglala Lakota, Omaha, Dine')
  • Mescalero Apache Creation – Fred Kaydahzinne (Apache)
  • Te Hau Waiati - Indigie Femme (Navajo)


  • Awakened By The Noon Day Sun - Mwalin (Mashpee Wampanoag)
  • Fight For Survival - Injunuity (Choctaw)
  • Journey To the Sun - Sun Shadows (Choctaw/Navajo)
  • Strong Horse - Rushingwind & Mucklow
  • The Long Journey Home - Ryan Little Eagle Molina (Lakota/Apache)
  • The Clearing - Ohwihsha (Mohawk)


  • Jimmy Wolf (Mohawk) - A Tribute To Little Johnny Taylor
  • Lawrence Harris (Choctaw) – Romanze – Songs of Tosti
  • Randy McGinnis (Cherokee) – Smoky Mountain Dreams
  • TerryLee Whetstone (Cherokee) - One People
  • Tony Duncan (Apache/Ankara/Hidatsu/Mandan) – Native Son
  • Wayne Silas, Jr (Menominee) – Infinite Passion


  • A Good Day, A Better Tomorrow - Cheevers Toppah (Kiowa)
  • Apache Peyote Songs - Joe Tohonnie Jr (Apache/Navajo)
  • As It Was In The Beginning - Primeaux & Mike (Sioux/Navajo)
  • Charity - Kevin Yazzie (Navajo)
  • NAC Songs - Aaron Adson (Pawnee/Comanche)


  • Awakening The Fire - R. Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman (Navajo/Ute)
  • Bridge - Rushingwind & Mucklow
  • Dawn of a New Light - Douglas Blue Feather (Cherokee)
  • Kamama - SilverWolf/Adelaunegv Waya
  • Love & Kindness - Golana (Cherokee)
  • Smoky Mountain Dreams - Randy McGinnis (Cherokee)


  • Colors - Indian City (Ojibway)
  • Day After Day - Jamie Coon (Creek/Seminole)
  • Feathers Rosary - Joey Stylez (Cree)
  • Grace & Grit: Chapter I – Dark Water Rising (Lumbee)
  • Spektra - Leah Shenandoah (Oneida)
  • Touch - Raphael (Mescalero Apache)


  • Elder’s Vision: Pow Wow Songs Recorded Live @ Ky1 Yo - Blackfoot Confederacy (Various)
  • In Harmony Again - Big River Cree
  • Loyalty to the Drum - Northern Cree (Cree/Various)
  • Right Now - Bear Creek (Various)
  • Save Me A Lead - Young Spirit (Various)
  • Stoic - Tha Tribe (Various)


  • Donald Blackfox – Earth Bound Angel
  • Eddie Webber – Apache Blessing & Crown Dance Songs
  • Kevin Chief (Algonquin/Oneida) – Honoring The Mazinikijik Singers
  • Lynn Coulter, John Mc Duffie, Randy Landas, John Thomas - A Rita Coolidge Christmas
  • Peter Blackwell – Mescalero Apache Creation
  • Robert Doyle – Awakening The Fire


  • Crunk Nativez - Lil Mike & Funny Bone (Chocktaw, Pawnee)
  • Native Eyez - Intikana (Arawak/Taino)
  • One Tribe One Nation – The Council (Sounthern Ute, Jemez Pueblo, Taos Pueblo)
  • Quese Imc & Cempoalli 20 (Pawnee/Seminole) – Osahwuh
  • Rainy Days – Tha Native featuring Stuxx
  • Warriors Arise - Makardi (Navajo)

RECORD OF THE YEAR (Traditional & Contemporary)

  • A Rita Coolidge Christmas - Rita Coolidge (Cherokee)
  • A Tribe Called Red – A Tribe Called Red (Cayuga/Ojibway)
  • Breathe & Flow - Wade Fernandez (Menominee)
  • Native Son - Tony Duncan (Apache/Ankara/Hidatsu/Mandan)
  • Romanze – Songs of Tosti - Lawrence Harris (Choctaw)
  • The Gathering – Rona Yellowrobe (Chippewa Cree)


  • Fire and Brimstone: A Tribute To Link Wray - Band of Tribes (Shawnee)
  • Never Going Home – The Gun Runners (Onondaga)
  • Never Surrender - Sihasin (Navajo)
  • Surrender - George Leach (Sta’ atl’ imx)
  • The Journey – Gareth Laffely (Mi'kmaq/Cree)
  • Two Sons - The Ollivanders (Mohawk, Oneida)

SONG/SINGLE OF THE YEAR (Contemporary / Traditional)

  • “Diamond" - Bear Fox (Mohawk)
  • “Love Of My Life” – Spencer Battiest (Seminole)
  • “Runnin’ On Empty” –Shadowyze & Shyanne (Creek, Cherokee, Han Gwich in Athabascan)
  • “Song of the Wolf” – Graywolf Blues Band (Yaqui)
  • "Sublime Gracia" - Yolanda Martinez (Apache)
  • “Witchi Tai-To – Water Spirits” – Shadowyze, Caren Knight Pepper and Jim Pepper


  • Brianna Lea Pruett (Cherokee/Choctaw) – Gypsy Bells
  • Glen Bonham (Choctaw) - Glen Bonham
  • Randy Granger (Choltan/Mayan) – Strong Medicine
  • Robert Hollis aka Bobby Bullet (Lac du Flambeau) – Crooked Tear
  • Samantha Crain (Choctaw)– Kid Face
  • Theresa “Bear” Fox (St. Regis Mohawk) – Diamond


  • Blessings - Fawn Wood & Dallas Waskahat
  • Grandfather Speaks – Ken Quiet Hawk (Abenaki)
  • Lost Angel – Cyrus Emerson (Cherokee)
  • Man From The Sky - Soyota (Apache)
  • Mescalero Apache Creation – Fred Kaydahzinne (Apache)
  • The Little Rocks – Windfeather Navarez Bull (Navajo)


  • Apache Blessing & Crown Dance Songs - Joe Tohonnie Jr (Apache)
  • Blessings - Fawn Wood & Dallas Waskahat
  • From The Heart of Dine’ Nation - Sweethearts of Navajoland (Navajo)
  • Honoring The Mazinikijik Singers - Mazinikijik Singers (Algonquin/Oneida)
  • Moonlit Nights - Todi Neesh Zhee Singers (Navajo) - First Night
  • Spirit of Thunderheart - Rising (Mohawk, Blackfoot, Cree, Cherokee)


  • Love of My Life – Spencer Battiest (Seminole)
  • Native Eyez - Intikana (Arawak/Taino)
  • Prayer Loop Song – Supaman (Apsaalooke)
  • Song of Survival – Red Eagle
  • Women Across The River - Graywolf Blues Band (Yaqui)
  • Sisters ft Northern Voice - A Tribe Called Red (Cayuga, Ojibway)


  • 2 Rivers Band– 2 Rivers Band (Tohono O’odham)
  • Back To Basics - Cruz (Tohono O’odham)
  • Embrace The Kaos – Dfaktion Nyne (Tohono O’odham)
  • In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Father & Uncle - Family Pride (Tohono O’odham)
  • Pisinemo & Company – Pisinemo & Company (Tohono O’odham)
  • Tohono O’odham Waila Music, Volume 2 - Valenzuela & Company (Tohono O’odham)


  • Dance of the Soul - Jessica Martinez Maxey
  • Kurt Wyaco – Kurt Wyaco (Zuni Pueblo)
  • Nagwetch - Wabanag
  • Nature Dance - Joanne Shenandoah (Oneida)
  • North Wind - Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen (Algonquin)
  • To Touch The Sky - Cal Silverfox Lopez (Apache)


  • Big City Indians – May You Walk
  • Cornell Kinderknecht and Martin McCall - Dreamtime
  • Lex Nichols – The Long Road
  • Peter Phippen – Sacred Spaces
  • Emiliano Campobello & Kevin Donoho - Rockapelli
  • Terry Frazier - By The Still Waters

DOWNLOAD: Mob Bounce - "Oral Tradition"


In honour of our elders, Vancouver hip-hop duo Mob Bounce recorded this track with youth at the Houston Friendship Centre. 

"This is for the Elders who carry such vibrant spirits. You teach us to slow down and enjoy and be thankful for all that exists around us," says Mob Bounce of their recent track Oral Tradition. "May your vibrations be so kind to the elders that live in our communities. They have valuable stories for us. We must listen."

As for the next generation who were involved in making this music at the Houston Friendship Centre, "we give them love for being such an inspiration to the music and creative energy. "

So listen up, give love, and keep your ear to the ground - word has it Mob Bounce is in the studio on their next project.

DOWNLOAD: Mob Bounce - "Oral Tradition"

VIDEO: Hellnback - "Know the Ledge"


Winnipeg-based seasoned hip-hop veteran Hellnback is coming at you with another block rocking jam including footage of a Bboy dance battle in his local urban setting.

If you don't already know about this heavyweight native MC, Hellnback aka Kool-ayd of Warparty aka Karmen James Omeasoo of Sampson Cree Nation, you should. This MC has been around "longer than most you cats breathin,' seen 'em come and go, every trend every season."

Since his days as the co-founder of Warparty, Hellnback has joined up with Team RezOfficial to continue pushing hip hop through a native lens. Backed by solid Bboys, a classic but bangin' hip-hop beat, his director and editor Nutman and H_Extended Clip, and his skill as a lyricist, HellnBack's new video is sure to get you moving. Keeps it real fi dem old hip-hop heads.

Watch: Hellnback - "Know the Ledge"

VIDEO: Ill Citizens - "Beautiful Day"


Ill Citizens, out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a group born out of Capital NeechieZ, which began with  three artists by the names of Jordan "Dominance" Henderson, Joel "Smiley" Garson and Nick "Chaotic" Thompson.

This tribute from Ill Citizens eloquently reflects on the value of a human life. The lyrics from Kid Dezmo, Dominance and Chaotic, lead by an intelligible and solemn harmonica hip-hop beat gives way to a deeper understanding of what it means to lose someone close.

The video itself leaves us to think of what privilege we have everyday in being alive. Images of rural communities, matched to lyrics speaking of reality, bring us to notice the intricacies of our relationships and how closely loss of loved ones affects us all.

However, as we see life as not a line but as a circle, we’re shown that death is a part of the cycle and is something to be equally as revered as the miracle of birth. Beautiful Day brings us back to the meaning of honouring someone’s life, as was so elegantly put forth with this video.

Watch: Ill Citizens - Beautiful Day

DOWNLOAD: D-Script - "And My Drum Goez"


Check out our new free download "And My Drum Goez" from D-Script the Tlingit featuring AKNatural, Madd Love and Swerv Merv. 

An anthem to keeping our culture alive D-Script speaks to a life lived in two worlds... from way up north! Awesome.

Featuring AKNatural, Madd Love and Swerv Merv.

DOWNLOAD: D-Script - "And My Drum Goez"

Beat Nation Storms the VAG


Beat Nation: Art, Hip Hop and Aboriginal Culture opens at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Saturday February 25th featuring performances by Jackson 2Bears, A Tribe Called RedSkeena ReeceNicholas Galanin, and RPM's Ostwelve.

Every so often the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) hosts FUSE Fridays with live music and performance. This Friday will not only host an epic roster of performers but will open the Beat Nation art exhibit featuring work by Sunny Assu, Shawn Hunt, Jordan Bennett, Dana Claxton, Nicholas Galanin, Kent Monkman and others. There will also be an RPM installation of Indigenous hip-hop music videos, intercut with commentary by Ostwelve.

Beat Nation - FUSE kickoff party Friday, February 24, 2012 8:30pm to 1am Performances by Jackson 2Bears, Skeena Reece, Nicholas Galanin, A Tribe Called Red, and Ostwelve.

Find out more about this event here.

The exhibit runs from February 25 – June 3, 2012.

Here are some shots from Beat Nation's last show at the PUSH festival.


DJ DoezIt and Ali Baby: Native Rap in High School Hallways


Landon Walls, Onondaga and Hopi hip-hop artist  (DJ DoezIT) and mentor, is helping Indigenous youth find their musical path. He’s currently inspired by the work he’s doing with one young man in particular, Junior Harvey, who is set to make a name for himself as Ali Baby. They sat down to answer some questions about their their collaboration, Ali Baby’s upcoming debut album and the importance of listening.

I first heard from Landon Walls, also known as DJ DoezIT, via an email to RPM, in which he raved about a student of his at Ha:San Preparatory and Leadership School in Tucson, Arizona, Junior Harvey. Junior (Tohono O’odham) – who goes by Ali Baby – is an 18 year old senior at the school who has discovered a talent and passion within himself for music. Together, they’ve been working afterschool and weekends to record tracks, the result of which will be a full-length album, set to be released in February, 2012.

The more Landon and I communicated back and forth, the more inspired and intrigued I was by both his and Ali Baby’s work. I had so many questions! They were gracious to answer them all.

CC: Tell me about Ha:san prep?

LW: Ha:san Preparatory and Leadership School is a small charter school in Tucson, AZ. We serve Native students grade 9-12. We focus on Culture and Language of the Tohono O’odham Nation. Most of the students live on the reservations of the Tohono O’odham and Pascua Yaqui Nations. The main town, Sells, on the reservation is 65 miles away. They travel a total of 130 miles a day for a total of 3 hrs on the bus. We have a 100% acceptance rate to college for our graduating seniors. What a great school! I am so honored to be a part of the students and community’s education.

CC: How long have you been teaching there?

LW: I have been at the school for four years now. I directed the after school programs and currently I serve as the Intervention Specialist. But I also serve as an advisor and counselor for the students.

CC: Tell me more about the after school program?

LW: The after school program was funded by a federal grant 21st Century Community Learning Center. In the last year of the grant which was 2011, I decided to buy studio equipment for an after school music program. Since then I have recorded Tradtional O’odham songs and a digital comic book with the University of Arizona in 3 languages, English, Spanish and O’odham. But the most exciting thing was recording Ali Baby and other students rapping and singing.

CC: How did you two start making music together?

AB: Landon and I were talking one day about music and I mentioned to him that I enjoyed creating beats, he told me he was thinking about starting a music program at the school and that I should bring in some of my beats and do some recording sometime. We started out on Garageband and some non-condensor mics usually used for radio.

LW: We did a couple of songs and he blew me away! So I had to buy some better equipment. I bought Pro Tools 8, studio monitors, 2 microphones, an audio interface, etc. and once we did that, things took off.

AB: When I made my first song I was just trying to see what it would sound like or how it would turn out, I thought it turned out pretty good for a first song. I was never expecting all this to come so naturally. We put out a pre-release of the album at our school and it has received so much positive feedback. It makes me so happy to know that people are liking the pre-release, when the official drops it is going to sound much better.

LW: We both learned by doing and just did what our ears told us, haha. The things I like most about Ali Baby is his flow, charisma, and message. He raps with no errors, meaning he is clean and has a positive message.

CC: Ali Baby, when did you first starting writing?

AB: I started making beats in the summer of 2010 and wrote my first song in December of 2010. We got around to recording my first song on Garageband a year ago around this time.

CC: And tell me more about this album!

AB: The album is going to be called Mixed Breed: The Beginning. Mixed Breed is our group and it means the many Indigenous cultures within our group, the many genres we create music in, and the styles each one of us possesses. We are hoping to have the album released by Presidents Day 2012.

CC: That’s so exciting. What artists are you inspired by?

AB: My favorite artists of all time are Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. I love their style, I love their flow. I know we have what it takes to make the same success. I listen to a lot of old school and I listen to a lot of new era artists like Drake and Lil Wayne and I try to incorporate all those styles into mine.

CC: What’s the collaborative process with Landon like?

AB: He gives me advice and motivation when recording our songs and I couldn’t be more grateful for meeting him and letting us use the studio day in and day out.

CC: Landon, do you plan to continue to mentor students in recording and making music?

LW: This is the beginning. I have always wanted to do something like this for the youth. They have so much to say, so many things in their minds and hearts. After graduating college, I knew I was going to be in Indian education. While working here I see the need for a two way road of communication in the communities, meaning traditionally we are taught to listen to the elders and the adults, but I think for a healthy and strong community the elders and adults need to listen to the youth. Open communication is the key! Music is the best vehicle and I am glad I get to provide it, might be a beat up lincoln right now with low fuel, but the hope is we can get it to a G6 with an unlimited fuel level!

CC: How did you first get involved in music?

LW: I got my first turntables my senior year of high school, with just a handful of records. I was on those things all night, my brother wasn’t too happy, the fader was clipping all night! Haha. Both of us actually came up with my DJ name, HopiDoezIT, later though it became DJ DoezIT. I was the first one to go to college in my family; I moved from home to Mesa, AZ. Soon I got some 1200’s and was at the record store every weekend. I was doing house parties and DJ competitions. I DJ school dances and proms and students just started to come up to me and wanted to learn more. I knew I had to get something started. I wanted to make our own music so we could spin that and started making my own beats, nothing is more fun than creating music from scratch.

CC: You also started a label, right?

LW: The label I have created is called Just Listen Music. Like I said, a healthy community needs open communication, so I want people, in particular adults and elders, to just listen. That’s why I create positive music because Grandma deserves to bob her head too! This is the start and it looks promising, I got things lined up and hope to continue to be the vehicle for native youth!

CC: Last, Ali Baby, what do you plan to do after high school?

AB: I plan to go to college to study Music Production. I want to do college performances and also do opening performances for bigger names. I just hope one day I can be the one the local artists open up for. Nothing’s impossible. I want to show everyone that just because rap nowadays is vulgar and offensive, it isn’t dead. I’m on a mission to make it right. I know I have what it takes and I don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.


Check out this sneak peak of Ali Baby's track For the Native Youth, and keep an eye on RPM for more on the forthecoming album, Mixed Breed: The Beginning.

STREAM: Ali Baby ft. DJ DoezIT & Dead Jester - "For the Native Youth"

DOWNLOAD: Miss Christie Lee - "Experience"


This killer track from hip-hop artist Miss Christie Lee is mostly in her Indigenous Musqueam language. The hook translates to "there are no words that can express how much you mean to me" and speaks to Christie's passion for empowering her people, in particular Aboriginal youth, to be proud of their roots. A member of Vancouver's all female hip-hop First Ladies Crew, Christie is a strong, positive voice in the Indigenous hip-hop scene and her music has taken her around the world, from performing at the Beijing Olympics to opening for K'Naan in Vancouver. She sent us this track to check out and we're stoked to share it with you. DOWNLOAD: Miss Christie Lee - "Experience"

APCMA 2011 Nominees - Best Rap or Hip-Hop CD


Here's an RPM YouTube Playlist of the APCMA 2011 nominees for Best Rap or Hip-Hop CD.

This year in the race for Best Rap or Hiphop CD in the 2011 Aboriginal People's Choice awards, there is a broad range of styles and locations involved. Here we bring you a YouTube playlist of the nominees for the APCMA 2011 Nominees.

JB The First Lady - Get Ready Get Steady KASP - On A Roll featuring Indelible Samian - Tshinanu featuring Florent Vollant Shawn Bernard aka Feenix - Get Naughty featuring Tomislav and Nathan Cunningham Winnipeg's Most - All That I Know 

Nake Nula Waun on Aboriginal Sounds Radio


Rosebud Sioux musicians Nake Nula Waun were recently interviewed and featured as Artist of the Month on Aboriginal Sounds, a radio program of

Multi-NAMMY nominated Nake Nula Waun have been making a big noise in the last couple of years from their home community of Rosebud in Sioux territory, South Dakota. This month they were featured as Artist of the Month on Aboriginal Sounds, a radio program hosted by Brian Lush of

This radio program includes an interview with Nake Nula Waun band member Frank Waln, where he speaks about the creation of their new album, The Definition, their fan's reaction to the album and future plans for the band.

To top it all off, Nake Nula Waun is the first hip-hop act to be featured as Artist of the Month on A great honour for the group and for Indigenous hip-hop alike.

To listen to audio of the radio show check out "Aboriginal Sounds" on Rockwired.


Do you have an Indigenous radio show you listen to or host? Let us know by commenting below! Hychga.

RPM YouTube Playlist - Native Hip-Hop


As always, accompanying our RPM Podcast #007 is a YouTube playlist from our channel. This week we bring to you some Indigenous hip-hop music videos. Boom.


Red Cloud featuring Pigeon John - Tapatio Lakota Jonez - Movin' On (LIVE) Hellnback - Keep It Movin' Mils & Eekwol featuring Luckyiam - The Gauntlet Samian featuring Florent Vollant - Tshinanu War Party - All For One Conway K - The Flow Joey Stylez - Living Proof

Got some music videos you're digging these days? Comment below and let us know...or hit us up at: