VIDEO: Watch the Recap of A Tribe Called Red's 'Rez Tour' of Native Communities Across Canada


This past summer, A Tribe Called Red added "The Rez Tour" in the midst of their festival season dates, bringing a handful of free shows to communities in Ontario. This week they dropped a new video about the experience. 

A Tribe Called Red's live show is potent, powerful, and always packed. They have performed for huge crowds around the world, and in summer 2016, finally brought their work to "the audience that matters to them most."

"Our main goal was to be able to connect with our fans that we don't get to connect with face to face so much, particularly our fan-base on reservation who maybe aren't getting to our larger shows," says Bear in the good-looking 5 minute video directed by Jon Riera. Deejay NDN adds, "It's important to go to Indigenous youth now and show that we're real, that we're real people and we're accessible to these youth."

The tour included workshops, q&a with the band, and plenty of photo ops in addition to their high powered performances. It's great to get the insight into The Rez Tour and we hope there are more tours like it to come! As one fan states, "Thank you guys for bringing everyone together."

WATCH: A Tribe Called Red - The Rez Tour Recap

A Tribe Called Red Adds Free Shows on First Nations Reserves to Summer Tour


A Tribe Called Red's already packed summer festival tour will now be making a few stops at the rez.

The group announced today a handful of free appearances at various First Nations this summer. The stops will also include youth-oriented workshops.

"The goal is to present top quality shows directly on reserve, by partnering with communities and bringing a mobile stage and lighting on site," says the press release and we're stoked to hear they're bringing the music into the community, an initiative that's being presented with help from the Ontario Arts Council.

Here are all ATCR's remaining summer tour dates:

07/23 Peguis First Nation, MB - Peguis Multiplex 07/24 Brandon, MB - Brandon Folk Music & Art Festival 07/25 Hamilton, ON - Pan Am Cultural Celebration (Pier 4 Park Bayfront) * 07/31 Montreal, QC - Osheaga Music & Arts Festival 08/01 Maliotenam, QC - Festival Innu Nikamu 08/12 Toronto, ON - Nathan Phillips Square 08/13 Six Nations of the Grand River, ON - Six Nations Community Hall * 08/15 Sudbury, ON - Up Fest (Durham Playgrounds) 08/21 Moose Factory, ON - TBA * 08/23 Thunder Bay, ON (Lac Des Milles Lacs First Nation) - Fort Williams Historical Park * 08/25 Sault Ste Marie, ON (Batchewana First Nation) - Rankin Arena * 08/27 Manitoulin Island, ON (Wikwemikong First Nation) - Thunderbird Park * 08/29 North Bay, ON (Nipissing First Nation) - NFN Administration Office * 09/17-20 Victoria, BC - Rifflandia Festival

* free show

DOWNLOAD: A Tribe Called Red's Killer Remix of Buffy Ste Marie's “Working for the Government”


A Tribe Called Red drops a free single on this most colonial of national holidays.

And that song is none other than a 2015 remix of legendary Cree singer Buffy Sainte Marie's classic "Working for the Government". In A Tribe Called Red's capable hands, the song transforms from an already upbeat anthem into a rockin', four-on-the-floor, dancefloor destroyer.

Mixing politics and partying you say? Ironically celebrating Canada, you say? Sounds like a perfect pairing.

And what could be more CanCon than a collab between the first lady of Indigenous song, and one of the newly dubbed Top 10 Canadian Bands of All Time?

Get the free download right here.

DOWNLOAD: A Tribe Called Red ft. Buffy Sainte-Marie - "Working For The Government 2015 Mix"

ATCR - Summer 2015 Tour Dates

July 4 – Eskasoni, NS – Eskasoni PowWow

July 12 – Toronto, ON – PanAM Park, Echo Beach (free show)

July 17 – Trumansburg, NY – GrassRoots Festival

July 18 – Toronto, ON – Aboriginal Pavillion, Fort York (free show)

July 23 – Peguis First Nation, MB – Peguis Arena

July 24 – Brandon, MB – Brandon Folk Music & Art Festival

July 31 – Montreal, QC – Osheaga Music & Arts Festival

August 1 – Sept-Iles, QC – Innu Nikamu festival

August 7 – Washington, DC – Smithonian Museum (free show)

August 12 – Toronto, ON – Nathan Phillips Square (free show)

August 15 – Sudbury, ON – UP FEST, Durham Playgrounds

Exquisite Ghost Takes Indigenous Beat-Making to New Heights


Winnipeg-based electronic producer, Exquisite Ghost, shares insights into his creative process and the burgeoning Indigenous beat-making scene.

Jordan Thomas, aka Exquisite Ghost, is something of an anomaly in the contemporary Indigenous music community.

Although headlining acts like A Tribe Called Red have claimed a centre stage spotlight at the intersection of electronic dance music and powwow-infused rhythms, more cerebral and esoteric beat excursions by Indigenous producers have received less critical acclaim and attention.

But that's not for a lack of innovation and creative expression.

If anything, Exquisite Ghost's productions offer a more nuanced and exploratory set of aesthetics than many dancefloor-focused DJs can provide. Echoes of J Dilla, Flying Lotus, and Aphex Twin can be heard in his production style, but Thomas is crafting his own uniquely melodic and ethereal take on contemporary beat-making. Through an evolving set of sonic experiments, Exquisite Ghost brings a deft hand and hip-hop-inspired touch to his head-nodding and hypnotic compositions.

Following the 2013 release of his debut album, Shrines, on Salient Sounds, Thomas has been steadily dropping gems on his SoundCloud. Although, by ATCR standards, he's still flying under the radar, Thomas is definitely a producer to watch—one who's changing the game in the process.

We caught up with him to talk music, creative inspiration, collaboration, and upcoming album plans. Stream and download new tracks from Exquisite Ghost below.

Thanks for talking with us. Please introduce yourself and tell us what nation you're from.

I am Jordan Thomas, Exquisite Ghost, from Peguis First Nation, and thank you too.

Where'd you grow up? What's your connection to your home community?

I was raised in Winnipeg, with a large branch of my grandparents and family living in Peguis, which I have visited at times since I was young. My grandparents were taken through residential schools and, as I grew up, they told stories of how they made their way to rise above. My immediate family is working with many First Nations in design and media, building projects.

How did you get started making music?

I think watching my dad firsthand getting his architecture degrees, as I was growing up, the long path to developing forms and conceptions until they are concrete, and to have musical experiences and inner questions about what is salient when these things have to come together—they're are all sort of the beginning of my path to music. I began playing guitar, which was my dad's, and we had a recording studio when I was younger, which was my uncle's. They all played music, my grandfathers on both sides, virtually everyone, my mother too, so it was definitely something that was waiting to happen.

What inspires you to create?

These days after all the hundreds of jams and tracks and ideas and days spent with music, I will be inspired by a feeling or memory, or musician, movie, show, a friend in conversation, a sound of a train's this idea about how, these days, there's a fluidity of information that we're faced with, organizing these messages constantly, so it's always interesting to arrange music in a very open sort of way. The effects of fusion in music, in a global sense, are becoming very apparent, so a musical conversation between timeless Indigenous cultures is being recognized and engaged with in excitement, fun and playfulness. Not without due respect for the places of origin—in time, in people and places—but it is this way that we learn and discover more about ourselves.

A lot of your music has an otherworldly quality to it. What do you think of Indigenous Futurism? Do you feel like your work fits in that vision?

The idea of Indigenous futurisms feels exciting. As some descriptions mix and blend over time, proto-neo-post-meta-style, fusion, world music mixing with jazz, rock, pop, dub, bass—my country or yours, this land or that land—the qualities of my own vision of the music are intrinsic to a combination of these. That might include connections to other things: like sci-fi, literature, or design in general. A thread I followed through my life, was when my dad was thinking about what Indigenous architecture ought to feel like, or how to describe it, and to demonstrate the connection between the two words.

So the feel of a lot of my work has been created from inversions of mixtures of textures and places I listened to music from— worldwide, from any time, past or present, that I felt was interesting, and from trying to get deep into finding out what it's affecting by listening and playing. It has a futuristic feel for sure. Sometimes I like to imagine what music in clubs or spaceships, or as you walk down the street far into the unrecognizable future, might sound like, and why.

Your first album, Shrines, dropped in 2013. Since then you've been posting some dope new tracks on your SoundCloud. Can we expect a new album soon?

Since Shrines, I have had to deal with a time consuming, unexpected house fire that took up a lot of space and showed me a lot of things. Six months without internet for one. Life has changed. Producing music now, in this state after getting engaged with it fully, finally feels great. And there are plans and themes for an album of Exquisite Ghost music that I've been fine tuning for the past year. I am working on sound and music for a game as well, that is underway, involving Space and Canoes. It's an Indigenous Futurist piece, and I'm learning tons about producing these projects, culturally and creatively.

Who are you collaborating with on your new stuff? Is there an Indigenous beat-making scene emerging that we can keep an eye for?

I am always seeking people to talk with about music, or just about ideas in general. The idea of sampling, contextualizing, is integral to growth, and welcomes surprises, and the music I'm working on now is shaped to be remixed, or to inspire anyone interested in it to reach out and chat. I want to make music for people. That's what truly inspires me. There is always music around to find: the Indigenous Futurisms Mixtape on RPM was incredible, wonderful music, along with the artists listed on the site, the shows of Aboriginal Music Week, the musicians I played to, all have really brought something special to my own music. I'm enjoying exploring.

Listen to new tracks from Exquisite Ghost 

Watch Exquisite Ghost, "Evening"


Exquisite Ghost's Shrines is available in digital format and on limited edition vinyl from Salient Sounds.

Listen to A Tribe Called Red's "Suplex" EP and Watch Their New Wrestling-Themed Video


Off the top rope! A Tribe Called Red returns with a new EP and a wrestling-inspired video for "Suplex".

ATCR continues their consistent creative output with the release of their latest EP, Suplex. Premiering over at The Fader this morning, the Tribe dropped the hype new video for the EP's title track, which features an homage to 8-bit video games (c/o of Indigenous artist Steven Paul Judd), WWE wrestling (s/o to Tomas Marin), and an ATCR championship belt that's going to be the envy of every aspiring wrestler on the rez.

"Suplex" features A Tribe Called Red's signature sound: dancefloor-rocking beats expertly blended with the adept sampling of pow wow group Northern Voice.

The EP also features guest appearances from the likes of Hellnback and Smalltown DJs—expanding and deepening the group's sound to include not only rapid-fire MC accompaniment on "The People's Champ", but also outright four-on-the-floor trap madness on "Bodyslam".

So mask up and get ready to throw down. The Tribe is back with an unbroken kayfabe vengeance.

Stream the EP and check the full tracklist below.

Watch A Tribe Called Red - "Suplex"

STREAM: A Tribe Called Red - Suplex, EP

1. Suplex (feat. Northern Voice) 2. The People's Champ (feat. Hellnback) 3. Bodyslam 4. Bodyslam (Smalltown DJs Remix)


06/19 | Indian Beach | Fort McMurray, BC (FREE)

06/20 | Malkin Bowl | Vancouver, BC (Tickets)

06/23 | Neumos | Seattle, WA (Tickets)

06/24 | Doug Fir Lounge | Portland, OR (Tickets)

06/27 | Muscogee Creek Festival | Okmulgee, OK (FREE)

07/12 | PanAM Park – Echo Beach | Toronto, ON (FREE)

07/17 | GrassRoots Festival | Trumansburg, NY (Tickets)

07/18 | Aboriginal Pavilion – Fort York | Toronto, ON (FREE)

07/24 | Brandon Folk, Music & Arts Festival | Brandon, MB (Tickets)

07/31 - 08/02 | Osheaga Music & Arts Festival | Montreal, QC (Tickets)

08/07 | Indian Summer Showcase – Smithsonian Museum | Washington, DC (FREE)

08/12 | Parapan American Games – Nation Phillips Square | Toronto, ON (FREE)

08/15 | Up Fest | Sudbury, ON (Tickets)


Suplex is now available on iTunes and Spotify.

DOWNLOAD: Lil' Vicious - 'Glock' (A Tribe Called Red Remix)


Once again, A Tribe Called Red show you how it's done. Check their killer remix of the Lil' Vicious track "Glock".

Who knew that ATCR could flip an unassuming joint from "former child reggae rapper" (and Doug E. Fresh protégé) Lil' Vicious' 1994 debut album Destination Brooklyn, into a 2014 dancefloor-destroying exercise in booty-shakin' bass music?

The track appeared yesterday as part in conjunction with "Bouncin’ Bush Stew 4 Mixtape"—a new collab between ATCR, Blondtron and Prince Zimboo:

Bouncin’ Bush Stews are inedible bowls of sound from from America’s Top Iron Deficient Chef, Samantha Blondtron and Africa’s most famous lover, Prince Zimboo. They are a celebration of pan-global butt music, friendship and silliness, brought together by the brilliant art of Vincent Parker. This fourth installment features Canada’s most huggable deejays (as voted by Raver Weekly, a Canadian EDM magazine that does not exist.) A Tribe Called Red!

Quoth the crew:

A Tribe Called Red!

Where maple syrup drips they are bred now bob your head or to lions you shall be fed. Grab a bowl of stew with your clique practice your twerk technique Just relax your bumcheek HEH!

Blessings to you and the crew! from Blondtron, A Tribe Called Red and Prince Zimboo!


DOWNLOAD: Lil Vicious - "Glock" (ATCR Remix)

And for kicks, here's the "Bouncin' Bush Stew 4" Mixtape for your rump-shaking pleasure:

A Tribe Called Red: Turtle Island Tour Dates 2014


Fresh off a winter break and another banner year of touring and accolades, A Tribe Called Red are getting ready to hit the road for a string of tour dates across Turtle Island.

ATCR have "been in the studio working on some new songs and will continue before going on tour", so keep an eye out for new tunes on this winter tour—and keep an eye for their debut music video for the track Sisters which is currently being finalized.

Following their Turtle Island tour, the Tribe is working on plans for a tour in France. So get your moccasins and dance moves ready: the electric powwow is hitting the road once again.


02/06 London, ON @ Hideaway Records & Bar 02/07 Guelph, ON @ Hillside-Inside festival 02/08 Ottawa, ON @ Babylon 02/12 Detroit, MI @ The Shelter 02/13 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Pyramid Schemes 02/14 Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge 02/15 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club 02/16 Winnipeg, MB @ Union Sound Hall 02/18 Regina, SK @ The Exchange 02/19 Saskatoon, SK @ O'Brian Events Center 02/20 Calgary, AB @ Hi-Fi Club 02/21 Kelowna, BC @ Sapphire Nightclub 02/22 Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom 02/25 Seattle, WA @ Barboza 02/26 Victoria, BC @ Club 9one9 02/27 Cumberland, BC @ Waverly Hotel 03/01 Ottawa, ON @ New Sun Conference 03/07 Toronto, ON @ The Hoxton 03/12-15 Austin, TX @ SXSW 04/03 Portland, OR @ Holocene 04/04-05 Salem, OR @ Williamette Univ 04/06 Redway, CA @ Mateel Community Center 04/07 Santa Cruz @ Catalyst Atrium 04/08 San Francisco @ Rickshaw Stop 04/09 Los Angeles @ The Mint 04/11 St-Louis, MO @ Laumeier Sculpture Park 04/30 New Orleans, LO @ NOLA Jazz Fest 05/17 Salt Lake City, UT @ Living Traditions Festival


Angel Haze Reveals 'Dirty Gold' Details: Debut Album Featuring A Tribe Called Red


Cherokee MC, spitfire rap sensation, and rising hip-hop star, Angel Haze, has revealed details about her upcoming debut album, Dirty Gold, that will feature her collaboration with Indigenous DJ/production crew A Tribe Called Red.  

The 12-track album, Dirty Gold, drops March 3 on Island Records and is set to include her massive track "A Tribe Called Red"—the banging ATCR collab that we recently featured in  The #NationHood Mixtape.

Now the track has a full album version, new artwork, and a brand new lyric video that you can check below.

Get it in the flow and submit to the blazing fury of Angel Haze.

Full Dirty Gold Track list after the video.

Angel Haze - Dirty Gold Track list

1. "Sing About Me"

2. "Echelon (It's My Way)"

3. "A Tribe Called Red"

4. "Deep Sea Diver"

5. "Synagogue"

6. "Angel + Airwaves"

7. "April's Fools"

8. "White Lillies / White Lies"

9. "Battle Cry"

10. "Black Dahlia"

11. "Planes Fly"

12. "Dirty Gold"

Read more at Spin: Angel Haze Finally Reveals 'Dirty Gold' Album Release With 'A Tribe Called Red'