RPM Podcast #003: "North Coast"


In our third episode, we look up, way up, to the North Coast of Turtle Island.

Ostwelve talks with Dene/Inuvialuit country artist Leanne GooseDene singer-songwriter Leela GildayInuk hip-hop artist M.O. and Tlicho writer Richard Van Camp.

We find out what makes the north coast - and its influence on these artists - unique. We also learn how to pass the hours when the sun never rises and more behind the saying "when an elder dies a library closes".

You'll also hear Inuit throatsinging by Karen Panigoniak and Maria Illungiayok from Arviat, Nunavut.

This is just a slice - a super tasty, action-packed slice - of the diverse music and culture of the North Coast. Also check out RPM's North Coast YouTube Playlist for more.

Download: RPM Podcast #003 - "North Coast" 

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The RPM podcast is produced & engineered by the amazing Paolo Pietropaolo.

Photo Illustration: Thanks to the talented Joi Arcand for the depiction of the dancing northern lights.