Western Canadian Music Awards: Aboriginal Recording of the Year Nominees 2014


This year's "Aboriginal Recording of the Year" category at the Western Canadian Music Awards is a smokin' list!

The annual BreakOut West conference also hosts the Western Canadian Music Awards (WCMAs) which celebrates the best and brightest from artists in British Columbia, Alberta, Saksatchewan, Manitoba, the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

The nominees for "Aboriginal Recording of the Year" are:

Cassidy MannBlue Skies and Bright Eyes (MB) Desiree DorionSmall Town Stories (MB) Federal LightsWe Were Found In The Fog (MB) Head of the HerdBy This Time Tomorrow (BC) Inez JasperBurn Me Down (BC)

All fantastic! See for yourself - watch the nominee playlist and toast to their success!

This year's event will take place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, October 2-5th