Walk in the Woods with the New Video from Kickin' Krotch, "Ghost Town"


The all Indigenous East Coast band Kickin' Krotch may get filed under hard rock, but their latest video highlights a track with a bit of softness.

"Ghost Town" is the third single from the band's eponymous debut LP and its slow, stirring, melody perfectly showcases the warmth and depth of lead singer Michael Bernard's voice. Based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Kickin' Krotch has been getting its name out across the country and they are currently in the running for Best New Artist in this year's newly renamed Indigenous Music Awards.

I might like sad songs most here at RPM, and this reflective song, set here in the video among tall trees, mossy stones, rich colours, and long shadows with only a few breaks of light, is moving my Thursday morning nicely. Its inescapable to join in on the second and third listen to the long "ghoooooost town" refrain and I suggest you sit back, join in, and take in the setting and sound, too:



Swimming at the surface evil lurking reaching for your soul wants to bury it free me from this nightmare neverending get me the hell out of here I just wanna disappear

Every little drop you bring me down drowning in whiskey smothering ghost town

I want to close my eyes forever stop running in the wrong direction I think I lost my way falling of the righteous path crawling through the rubble screaming wrath

Every little drop you bring me down drowning in whiskey smothering ghost town 2x

She don’t wanna die She don’t wanna cry