VIDEO: Jimblah - "Capitol City" ft. Alex Truehl


From Australian Indigenous hip-hop artist Jimblah's debut 2011 album Face the Fire, check out the brand new video for his track Capitol City.

Identifying as Larrakia and Yanuwa, Jimblah grew up in the Northern Territory and now lives and makes music in Adelaide. From, Jimblah - Capitol City

Being a winner of the prestigious Hilltop Hoods Initiative Jimblah has since then become a name that can be associated with such artists as A-Love, BVA from Mnemonic Ascent, Karnage & Darkness and the Last Kinection, to name a few. He has performed at countless festivals including The Spirit Festival, The Dreaming, Stylin up, Big Day Out, Groove Is In The Park and Good VibrationsJimblah also helps out wherever he can in the local Indigenous Hip Hop scene in Adelaide, often supporting local Indigenous talent.

Jimblah is someone who represents his Indigenous roots to the fullest, never forgetting nor compromising who he is – a strength of self that shines through in his music. Jimblahmoved from the Northern parts of Australia to Adelaide at a young age and quickly fell in to the Hip Hop scene there, originally influenced by more commercial Hip Hop, but learning more about Hip Hop as a way of life and a culture the more he became involved in the local scene. He started out by freestyling regularly, rapping with others and writing tracks by the age of 15.  Alongside fast-becoming a veteran rapper,Jimblah is also a well-respected DJ and Producer. He aims to provide production to much of his own music as well as others.

We're stoked to discover Jimblah's work! Watch the video, Capitol City, directed by Pedro Torres, and connect with Jimblah on Facebook at