Swagg News Interview With Young Kidd & Lotto


Winnipeg's own Young Kidd and Lotto of CTL Records sit down with Swaggnews.com for some interview time.

Young Kidd and Lotto of CTL Records out Winnipeg have been putting it down hard for the last few years and have definitely made some waves that have emanated from the center of Turtle Island and beyond. With videos and tons of radio play under their belts, it's only right that Swaggnews.com had to get some interview time with them.

In the interview they get into the beginning, the present and the future of CTL Records. This is a great read and props go out to both CTL Records and Swaggnews.com for sharing this awesome interview with us.

(SN) How long have you been in pursuit of your hip hop career. What keeps you motivated to keep in pushing.

Lotto: CTL Records was founded around 2005 after I was released from Jail, so about 6 years. Young Kidd: I was already doing my thang around that time, recording and writing songs so we been going ever since. Lotto: What keeps me motivated is that everyday i feel i’m getting better at this craft and i haven’t reached my full potential yet. I just started taking rap serious when i got out of jail, before then it was just freestyling at parties nothing that would even be considered real rap. Now that i got a little buzz I’m gonna take it all the way i feel like I’m gonna be doing this for a long time.

Young Kidd: The thing that keeps me motivated and pushing is just my love for music, i love going in the studio creating what im creating. I love doing these shows i love giving people something they can relate to If my music can take someone from having a bad day to a good day then im good u feel me, And of coarse my daughter gives me that extra push to give it 110%. I know for a fact i will be making music until its my time to go.

(SN) Explain the role you play in Peg Citys hip hop scene.

Lotto: I feel we play a big role in this scene, we more than just players we coaches. Being as we independent and own our own label. Young Kidd: I feel i play a huge role in putting Winnipeg hip hop on the map, Check the you tube views we do numbers. We got a big following in our city who all support us and will ride for us cause when it comes down to it we do it for our city. Lotto: No matter what you always gotta remember where you come from.

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