RPM YouTube Playlist - The Bastard Fairies


The Bastard Fairies are a rock group consisting of guitarist and songwriter Robin Davey and lyricist Yellow Thunder Woman from the Yankton Sioux Tribe. Here, RPM brings you a Bastard Fairies playlist, for your viewing pleasure and edification.

The group gained controversial publicity with their edgy music and videos. The Coolest 8 Year Old In The World Talks About O'Reilly especially sparked a lot of internet attention - the video featured commentary on Bill O'Reilly from Fox News and his views of violence and youth in the media by an 8 year old actress.

That video garnered the YouTubes honours of bringing the band to the #18 spot of most subscribed musicians and #31 in the list of most viewed musicians on the YouTube network.

In 2006, The Bastard Fairies also produced the award-winning documentary The Canary Effect which focuses on the colonial history of America.

Now on a hiatus to pursue other goals and artistry, the work of The Bastard Fairies remain a force within music and activism, challenging the boundaries of expression and showing us that originality is alive and well in the world of music and art.

Here we bring you a playlist of their music videos including the internet phenomenon The Coolest 8 Year Old In The World Talks About O'Reilly.

Check out this link to view playlist on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9CC3D176244C09CA 

Track Listing:

  1. Dirty Sexy Kill Kill
  2. Rollerskate Song
  3. We're All Going to Hell
  4. Setting New Standards for Professionalism
  5. Case Against Love
  6. A Venomous Tale
  7. The Canary Effect - Official Trailer
  8.  The Coolest 8 Year Old Talks About Bill O'Reilly