#FrybreadFriday: Follow Friday


It's a weekly tradition on Twitter to tag #FF - aka #followfriday - with mentions of people that you, a dedicated Twitter user, think are worth recommending to others to follow.

Today, for my preferred weekly tradition of #FrybreadFriday, I bring you a selection of Frybread Twitter users.

I often search Twitter for #FrybreadFriday ideas and of course these users come up in my search results each week.

@RockysFrybread - "I moved to SF CA to turn people on to a bad ass tradition. I'm Diné born in Shiprock NM. I'm bringing Frybread."

@FrybreadSoldier  - this army vet on the Yakama rez is apparently working on a spoken word album. Let's hope for some frybread poetry.

@TxDineFrybread - Texas based maker of frybread for powwows and markets. Tweet your order Texans!

@FrybreadRadio - This handle is for New Zealand station Base FM - a collective of DJs who've been broadcasting underground hip-hop, reggae, funk and soul since 2004 from Auckland.

@frybread_queen - "...a Native American NDN who makes the best frybread". Well!

There's also: @frybread_thief@I_Love_Frybread@FrybreadBoy@TheFrybreaders@N2Frybread and more! So make a list and add them to it - you'll never be short of a virtual frybread fix again.