16 Best #IdleNoMore Round Dance Videos


#IdleNoMore is blasting its way forward into 2013 to the sounds of the Round Dance Revolution—and we knew it was time to round up some of the best round dances, songs and solidarity dance videos from around the web and around the world.

So here we go! Now, just promise not to get mad if your city or round dance wasn't included. There's no prize money to be won here and we're not judging your singing. Not yet, anyway. These are just some of our favourite songs and gatherings from what is turning out to be an incredible movement and an inspiring time for all of our peoples. So go grab your neighbour's arm, circle up and sing it loud and proud.

Bringing you the best of the #RoundDanceRevolution...here we go!

Bringing you the best of the #RoundDanceRevolution...here we go!