Listen to Kait Angus' "Drive", the Perfect Soundtrack for a Lovers' Escape


San-Francisco-based, Cree/Mohawk singer Kait Angus drops her latest single, "Drive"—a road trip ready, acoustic anthem of love and longing.

Kait Angus has a unique talent for sculpting sound into subtle shapes of desire. Often mixed with a touch of sadness, her melancholy love ballads crackle and fade like dusty old photographs, the receding view of a horizon caught at sunset in the reflected light of the rearview.

"Drive" is a lovers' soundtrack for a road trip into the unknown: an all-night drive, the yearning for perpetual movement to that "somewhere in the in-between". So fill the tank, kick back, and let go. That's just the sound of the rain coming in through the windows.

DOWNLOAD: Kait Angus - "Drive"