DOWNLOAD: Stone Mathers - "Mr. Anderson"


This week we have some killer electronic house from Oneida/Chippewa artist Stone Mathers to sink your teeth into and move your feet to.

Marshall Stonefish, aka Stone Mathers, has been driven to create his whole life. He cites Lego as his first medium of choice and has dabbled in all art forms but "music," he says, "of all things made me." In high school he discovered how to make beats, and his creative passion found a new outlet in electronic music, but his work today travels electronic, house, noise, pop and soundscapes.

"I know what i like to hear and but i don't know what i like to create. Creativity is a monster, it needs to be wrestled into the dirt. And I'm the Creator."

Dig it.

DOWNLOAD: Stone Mathers - "Mr. Anderson":