DOWNLOAD: Arthur Renwick - "Do the Bukowski"


Arthur Renwick, of the Haisla First Nation in Kitimat, BC, is a photo-based artist, independent curator, professor, AND musician. His new album, The Cigarbox Chronicles, is killer and we've got a download of our current favourite track for you.

These days Arthur lives and works in Toronto, dedicating most of his time to his work in music. He sent us a couple tracks from the Ken Whitely produced The Cigarbox Chronicles to check out and it was hard to choose one to feature - but this waltz has grit, wit, beauty and charm and showcases Arthur's songwriting, voice and guitar chops so perfectly we couldn't resist sharing it. It drifts down a dark alley, over a woman's shoulder, past a bottle of whisky, into your ear and right to your bones where it will stay until you raise a glass or sing along, or both. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: "Do the Bukowski" - Arthur Renwick