DOWNLOAD: Dean-O-Matic's Mix "Pioneer DJ"


Dean-O-Matic (Sioux-Dakota Whitecap) is an old school DJ in the Canadian electronic music scene. He says what makes him old school, besides his age, are his values - "God is a DJ. Life is a dance floor. Love is the rhythm. You are the music". Dean-O-Matic emerged from the Plastic Puppet Motive in the 90's out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and is the former "Flatlands" creator and columnist for Tribe Magazine. These days he lives in Calgary, Alberta, where he claims he is a semi-retired DJ. You can still find his brand of ethereal deep, textured, trance mixes up on his Soundcloud though, including this recent mix - Pioneer DJ. DOWNLOAD: Dean-O-Matic's Mix "Pioneer DJ"  Pioneer DJ 24SEP11 by Dean-O-Matic